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I made this style drawing for myself so you can totally find out more about me, if you'd like, through this!

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Hello there, I'm wenom and I'm new to .art so I figured I'd make a lil !

I am a 20 year old lesbian from Scotland and use they/them and he/him pronouns; I create a lot of art around my identity, as well as art of my OCs and some fanart!

I'm pretty new to this whole art thing, but I'm always working towards improving! I work digitally and traditionally (mainly with watercolour and some ink though I'd really love to learn acrylics).

me: haha i will make drawing hair easier by making it braids
me, immediately after finishing the hair that is tight against the scalp: oh shit, what do i do with the rest of the hair?

Finally finished my fursona ref ;w; it took around 20 hours over 5 days!

Every time I have to change the size of my drawing i just make the canvas larger and at this rate i'm gonna have a 5000x5000 canvas

Rant, hyperverbal problems 

NTs really need to try and read autistics more precisely. For the thousandth time, I am not trying to sound like a smartass, I am just expressing something via an atypical speech pattern. If your neurotypical ass cannot go past its own assumptions about tone and body language, then that's on you, not the person you are blatantly misinterpreting.

And _I'm_ supposed to be the inflexible automaton here...

pretty happy with how these guys turned out given it was all done in air dry clay and was kinda my first time sculpting!

mediums used: air dry clay & acrylic, they were sealed with sculpey gloss glaze! (which is great because it's also air dry and seems like less of a faff than uv resin/gloss)

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an angel visited me while i slept, and with a cacophony of voices speaking in unison it said "be not afraid. we mean you no harm" (major eye-contact -- they're cartoony, and potentially body horror?)

#mastoart #art #digitalart

hey y'all, i made some lil pixel pfps, they're completely free to use (without credit) but i'd prefer if you ask permission before editing ♥️

Hi! I’m a trans NB artist messing around with different mediums, fleshing out the things me and my partner find in our world-building sandbox. I use original fiction to process the queer+autistic experience, and dream up post-capitalist anti-patriarchal communities and lifestyles.

I.e. here be drawings of WLW and femme enbies, occasional musical attempts and nods to anarchism. Also random creatures and satanic undertones.

shld b sleeping... drawing this,,, it might b something.....

I'm sorry! They dropped their keys down thw back of the sofa and that seemed likebthe best way to get them back!

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