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I made this style drawing for myself so you can totally find out more about me, if you'd like, through this!

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Hello there, I'm wenom and I'm new to .art so I figured I'd make a lil !

I am a 20 year old lesbian from Scotland and use they/them and he/him pronouns; I create a lot of art around my identity, as well as art of my OCs and some fanart!

I'm pretty new to this whole art thing, but I'm always working towards improving! I work digitally and traditionally (mainly with watercolour and some ink though I'd really love to learn acrylics).

(image desc, continued) it is looking up at the sheepdog and looks mad. above the chi is a floating border collie, it looks happy and is catching a frisbee in midair

i've not been able to make art lately, but here's a quick lil sketch i'm hoping to finish up for artfight :3c

addendum: NONBINARY girls are ALSO on this list, naturally, I am a creature with Good Taste, thank you

I am GAY and I love GIRLS and SNAKES

Her better half... Itâra is a selkie and shown here in both of her forms (human and seal) I think I'd like to work more on this and actually colour it in instead of being lazy haha.

Nerding out over here a little tonight.

(Yeah, there’s some top stabilizer that needs picked off or, more likely, rinsed out - it’s water-soluble but often just tears away. And I’m not putting the snaps in until I have all ten dragon fobs cut out, and all eight dice fobs stitched and cut.)

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