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I made this style drawing for myself so you can totally find out more about me, if you'd like, through this!

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Hello there, I'm wenom and I'm new to .art so I figured I'd make a lil !

I am a 20 year old lesbian from Scotland and use they/them and he/him pronouns; I create a lot of art around my identity, as well as art of my OCs and some fanart!

I'm pretty new to this whole art thing, but I'm always working towards improving! I work digitally and traditionally (mainly with watercolour and some ink though I'd really love to learn acrylics).

addendum: NONBINARY girls are ALSO on this list, naturally, I am a creature with Good Taste, thank you

I am GAY and I love GIRLS and SNAKES

Her better half... Itâra is a selkie and shown here in both of her forms (human and seal) I think I'd like to work more on this and actually colour it in instead of being lazy haha.

Nerding out over here a little tonight.

(Yeah, there’s some top stabilizer that needs picked off or, more likely, rinsed out - it’s water-soluble but often just tears away. And I’m not putting the snaps in until I have all ten dragon fobs cut out, and all eight dice fobs stitched and cut.)

‘wE WaNt ThE sCaNdInAvIaN mOdEl Of SoCiAlIsM, nOt ThE yUcKy LaTiNo KiNd😤”

News flash, y’all’s puffy pampered version of White socialism is FUNDED by the exploitation of LA and African Countries. That’s why any attempt Blk/Brwn folk make to give their countrymen the same shit y’all have is violently quashed by the same colonial militaries y’all hide behind. White Europeans aren’t ✌🏽more socialist✌🏽, y’all are just snootier colonizers.

Reminder that @tootapp has a custom “trans fren” logo you can select in the settings and it’s glorious

I love those little buggers. And will be very very cross if we don't get to see them again in .

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