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if you want me to make you a Light Face Mask, it is €555.
You can pay in Monero 😊 or other 🙌
message me if you want 1 🎭

"it's gon fall and when it does, it's gon come down fast"
~ Steve Grant

looking to figure out how to not have memory overload and crash the Synth I'm developing.

Music Video for my track 'WE R FREE BEINGS'

Purchase EP:
Soon on:

The full project:

Track: We R Free Beings
Recording Artist: WILLPOWER


“This music video is made for us to awaken out of the dream spell that is cast on humanity.”

got potentiometers and resistive sensor controlling my synth.
code done in arduino + openFrameworks

You can now see the eTextile circuit from the previous post implemented in my LIGHT JACKET 😀 which lights up when I bend my right arm:

got the potentiometers controlling Pitch, Amplitude and Detune !

Not easy to hear, pump up the volume 🔊🔊🔊

More here:

got these potentiometers working. now let's see if I can use them to control the basic synth oscillation I just coded: Frequency, Amplitude, Detune.

after unexpected issues, got my 3 potentiometers ready for action. controlling graphics to start. next, I'll have to control the memory in a pushback() array so that it doesn't crash. arduino + openFrameworks 🤓

Hologram I created for my music video WE R FREE BEINGS. You can view more of the behind the scenes here:

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