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Black and gold ink and Prismacolor Premier pencils on brown A3 size card.

For Sale! $150 USD which includes worldwide shipping. Yell if you want it.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

I've been dead in the art realm for a bit due to moving around and work and vacation. but here is a self portrait, thick thighs and all

some detail shots from my piece, Opulence. I haven't been practicing my lineart in a while, so this was a good refresher...


inspired by a lot of the Orthodox gold work I saw in Balkan churches.

havent done a big piece in a while. should refocus: these are a lot more satisfying the the tiny arts I churn out more frequently.

review of my ~*~*outfits of the day*~*~
combination angry scientist and barbecue dad

Great news - I just got a job out in Arizona! Honestly I can't wait to be away from the humid East Coast and to cover myself in sand.

Today starts the adventure of a lone box of Mac and Cheese through (mostly) Central and Eastern Europe!

If you want to follow their happy and wacky journey, catch us on instagram:

(this is a fun side thing, I'll still be making art in the meantime ;) )

i had a bad day yesterday, but sadness encourages me to paint. so heres a happy dragon eating ice cream

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Made for
Topic: "Teenage Mutant Ninja _CORGI_"
I love ninja, and dogs! And some of my favorite dogs have got to be Corgis. And the kusarigama is my favorite ninja weapon!
So cuteness, danger and floofiness all work together.
This afternoon I'll produce my entry for this week's topic "UNEXTINCT DINOSAURS" live on Twitch ( and, as always, announce next week's topic. .

any burners out there? im off to my first burn next week (if i can get a ride lmao) and am mostly concerned with survival/safety matters, if anyone has any input

every time i send out a pigeon, i get this message

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Looking to escape the heat? Cool, frosty MASCOT ICE CREAM commissions are still available! $25 each, DM me here or Telegram @ MousBones to order~

#mastoart #commissions #furry

special bird loves his special cauliflower

Hey hey traditional art friends, do you have a carrying case for your sketchbook you really like?

I've been digging on amazon for something that has a vertical elastic strap on one side for a sketchbook, and then a few pencil holders on the opposite site, but I either get options with a crapload of pencil holders I don't need, or padfolio things that only hold like, a notepad?

Any suggestions?

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