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Monica K

I cant describe how much I love whiteboard markers as a medium

I started a project I have long been thinking of doing, but never had the confidence to carry out - illustrations of flowers with their scent molecules!

Scent is really complicated and involves lots of different molecules, but I picked out some favorites to illustrate :)

Rose - (-) cis-Rose Oxide
Lavender - licareol
Lilac - Lilac Alcohol

I'm also selling these as stickers! More designs to come:

A Valentine's Day comic about accepting when to keep trying and when to give up - but to never give up on yourself! There is beauty even in being alone.

I was feeling pretty down yesterday, but when I'm especially sad and tired, my brain tries to cheer me up with vibrant day dreams! here is one of them

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Huh, I think this is more first actual draw of the year

doing more redraws of characters I made when I was 11, while I'm still in the presence of nostalgia

Character redraw! I love going home for the holidays and digging up my old art to see how far I've come.

Tiny gay dragon: drawn at age 11 vs age 22

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I want to do children's books again :)

resurrected an old coloring technique I really enjoy! its basically a paint-over on a few different layer styles but the colors it makes are soooo fun

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someone was nice enough to drive me to New Hampshire to watch meteors in the snow

A landscape based on Albanian rivers and bridge architecture. Felt really good to finally put all my energy into landscape painting. I missed it!

Really looking for advice on how to improve my landscape paintings, especially in areas like contrast, depth, and texture. Any tutorials or brush packs you really like for digital painting, I'd love to see!

I'm also a firespinner in my spare time, so it often gets integrated into my art.

Here's a doodle of one of the double staff spinners I watch burn sometimes

double staff scares me

Quick candy-colored werewolf, ready to fight! I've always wanted to design a series of fighter characters

Hey hey! I'm @willowescapee, searching desperately for a place to call my art home. I'm a digital painter/science communicator who rotates between painting dragons, illustrating educational comics, or drawing tiny kiwis. I've been on dA/tumblr/twitter/insta (same handle) but haven't really settled anywhere! So I'm looking for a community to help me grow and learn as an artist.

I've been on an art hiatus for a while to work on my engineering degree, but I hope to develop some healthy drawing habits in the meantime.

Let's chat!