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special bird loves his special cauliflower

Hey hey traditional art friends, do you have a carrying case for your sketchbook you really like?

I've been digging on amazon for something that has a vertical elastic strap on one side for a sketchbook, and then a few pencil holders on the opposite site, but I either get options with a crapload of pencil holders I don't need, or padfolio things that only hold like, a notepad?

Any suggestions?

postcard! i missed my microns...

Mr. Kiwi, teach me how to smile...

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The fictional and real lives of a Siberian .
I'm not trying to make a statement: mr Coda Corta was adopted and he is an allochthonous animal here were I live.
Also if you want a portrait of your pet:

all i think about are magnets nowadays

I've been really bad about being active on Mastodon - I keep forgetting how good it feels to interact with so much art and so many ideas!

now that life is more stable, I hope to make friends and find my place here...

I cant describe how much I love whiteboard markers as a medium

I started a project I have long been thinking of doing, but never had the confidence to carry out - illustrations of flowers with their scent molecules!

Scent is really complicated and involves lots of different molecules, but I picked out some favorites to illustrate :)

Rose - (-) cis-Rose Oxide
Lavender - licareol
Lilac - Lilac Alcohol

I'm also selling these as stickers! More designs to come:

A Valentine's Day comic about accepting when to keep trying and when to give up - but to never give up on yourself! There is beauty even in being alone.

I was feeling pretty down yesterday, but when I'm especially sad and tired, my brain tries to cheer me up with vibrant day dreams! here is one of them

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Huh, I think this is more first actual draw of the year

doing more redraws of characters I made when I was 11, while I'm still in the presence of nostalgia

Character redraw! I love going home for the holidays and digging up my old art to see how far I've come.

Tiny gay dragon: drawn at age 11 vs age 22

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I want to do children's books again :)

resurrected an old coloring technique I really enjoy! its basically a paint-over on a few different layer styles but the colors it makes are soooo fun