I’m here, San Antonio, this week. What photo from this city would you like to see? This one is from last year when I was walking around downtown at 0200. |

Started to learn to sketch. This is my first one, it’s a sketch of my daughter’s volcano paper-mache base form she made for school. The second is just...something (waterfall, forest, wizard staff thing).

‪I guess my zine can still be purchased. I created a video showcasing what it looks like...‬


Last day to order! 100% discount!

Check out my zine from @BlurbBooks: periculosa libertas | volume 1 issue1: People of San Antonio


Ornate Pole Base | 800:50mm:f/1.8:1/30 | Flag pole base on the steps of Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building and United States Courthouse in San Antonio, Texas.

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