This NaNoWriMo, I'm partaking in the longstanding nonhuman habit of complaining about things I don't like. /hj

But in all seriousness, the goal's to write something every day related to alterhumanity or the alterhuman communities. Anything, no matter how small: the goal isn't to win, it's to write, and I'm trying hard to keep that in mind this year!

I'll reply to this thread with links to the things I write and post elsewhere.

The Problem with Pendulums: Divination and Alterhumanity

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 1,763
Summary: A critical look at and critique of "kinfirmation" pendulum blogs.

Peddling the Veil Between Worlds: Proselytizing within Otherkin, Fictionkin, and Therian Communities

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 1,778
Summary: A look into common proselytizing and invasive spiritual narratives in the otherkin, fictionkin, and therian communities.

Daily Dragonsbane: The Student Newspaper of Dragonsbane College, Vol. XIII, Issue II

Author: Noel (feat. Page)
Type: Experimental Fiction
Words: 2,030
Summary: An experimental piece written in the style of a college newspaper, about a college attended by both human and non-human students. A sequel to the original Daily Dragonsbane piece hosted on our website, Three Dragons and a Dog.

Digital Bloodsports and Inked Paws: What I Love About the Alterhuman Communities

Author: Page
Type: Personal Essay
Words: 1,663
Summary: A look into what I love about the alterhuman communities.

I’m Commander Shepard and This Is My Complex Relationship With (Alter)Humanity and the Fictionkin Community

Author: Page
Type: Personal Essay
Words: 1,504
Summary: About my complex relationship with fictionkin and fictionkinity in connection to being Commander Shepard.

Digitalized Natural Selection: The Importance of the Internet, Literature, and Art in Alterhuman Communities

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 1,164
Summary: The roles the Internet, literature (or rather, discourse), and art play in the alterhuman communities.


Hidden Dragon, Anxious Townsfolk: A Game

Author: Page
Words: 1,920
Summary: A GM-less solo RPG where you, a dragon, try to sneak into a human festival for some good ol' fashioned partying. Don't get caught! Requires a six-sided die and a deck of cards.

Growing Whiskers & Tattooing Skin: Experiences and Realizations of Aging as Queer Extranthropes

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 1,952
Summary: Our collective experience of being extranthropes (nonhuman systemmates) and growing older both physically and nonphysically. Includes thoughts about what it means to be "queer," processes of body reclamation, and misconceptions about adulthood.

The Kids are Stealing our Precious Clout!: Challenging Accusations of Young Millennial and Zillennial “Clout Chasing” and “Pretending”

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 4,179
Summary: On the idea proposed by several older therians that alterhumans under 30 are only involved in community spaces for "clout chasing" and are often just "pretending" to be alterhuman.

Thanksgiving Gone Wrong

Author: Noel, Page, Drago
Type: Fiction
Words: 2,150
Summary: A girl hires a dragon as her Thanksgiving date. Her family reacts poorly.

The Curiosity and Curse of Canon

Author: Dash
Type: Essay
Words: 1,372
Summary: A discussion on the differences between Dash and the basilisks from the HP universe, and some commentary around non-fictionkin/fictive ideas and interpretations around canon connections.
Author's Note: Created in connection to/inspired by Prompt #2 from the Fictionkind Dreamwidth group.

(I Always Kill) The Things I Love: How I Navigate Ethical Relationships with Food as a Carnivore

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 1,725
Summary: How Page navigates his relationship with food and ethics as a canine psychopomp.
Author's Note: Trigger warning for animal death mentions. The title is also a reference to the song "(I Always Kill) The Things I Love" by the Real Tuesday Weld from the Last Werewolf book series soundtrack.

Please No Kids!

Author: Drago
Type: Rant
Words: 696
Summary: Drago's thoughts on anti-childfree attitudes.

Prey Drive & Video Games

Author: Page
Type: Personal Essay
Words: 1,534
Summary: How Page uses particular video games to manage their prey drive.

On Ugly Instincts

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 1,749
Summary: On how alterhuman spaces treat ugly instincts and why they treat them so poorly.
Author's Note: Content warnings for mentions of bestiality, zoophilia, hunting urges. Filed under, "essays that might make people mad at me."

Misc Thoughts

Author: Page
Type: Misc
Words: 611
Summary: Random thoughts on post-November plans and our alterhumanity.

Our Thoughts on and Experiences with Cameo Shifts & Fictionflickers

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 1,327
Summary: Some of the cameo shifts and fictionflickers we've experienced and our thoughts on these phenomena.

Legalize Awoo: The Problems and Solutions of Howls

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 2,766
Summary: On the importance of Howls, the decline we've seen in them over the years, and how we can potentially navigate Howls in a pandemic world and revitalize them post-pandemic.
Author's Notes: Happy Therianthropy Day! Awoooooo!!!!

On Surveys

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 1,225
Summary: Why I want to see more surveys created by alterhumans, for alterhumans.

WIBTA if I get my housemate’s homeless girlfriend thrown out?

Author: Page
Type: Experimental Fiction
Words: 3,903
Summary: A dragon goes to r/AITA for her judgement. The comment section is (mostly) in agreement.

Horoscopes for Alterhumans

Author: Page
Type: Experimental Fiction
Words: 859
Summary: A list of horoscopes for alterhumans.

Animals Aren’t Children nor Automatons: Facing Distasteful Realities Through Examining My Own Animality

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 1,741
Summary: How my nonhumanity both increased my "animal empathy," and forced me to confront realities I'd previously avoided by using empathy towards animals as an excuse for inaction or disengagement.

A Nonhuman Guide to the Holidays: Thanksgiving

Author: Page
Type: Satire/Experimental Fiction
Words: 1,038
Summary: A guide to Thanksgiving etiquette for nonhumans.

This Far

Author: Noel Sol
Type: Personal Essay
Words: 1,825
Summary: A look at Noel's previous life with her rider.

Nonhumanity & Roleplay: On Not Taking Things “Seriously” Enough

Author: Page
Type: Essay
Words: 777
Summary: A short look into the idea that the "fluffy" ways people express themselves or interact with their alterhumanity are markings of legitimacy.

The Sol System’s Alterhuman Writing Project 2021: A Look Back and Breakdown

That's a wrap, folks. It's done, it's over: we've officially won NaNoWriMo. We'd like to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this wild journey through November.

For statistics and our personal thoughts on this project, see our final essay of the month below.

@whoispage [Cobalt] Weh this is suuuuper cute. Would watch Ghibli movies with them 10/10


You ever play Spy in Team Fortress 2?
If you want the experience of hunting and stalking prey that's genuinely intelligent and can behave unpredictably, you should give it a shot. (Except TF2 is plagued with aimbots these days, but.)

It's scratched that predatory itch for me very well in the past.

@aearo I've never had the opportunity to pay TF2--I might have to give it a go!

re: Legalize Awoo: The Problems and Solutions of Howls 

@whoispage "Everyone should experience the collective effervescence of nonhumanity with others at least once in their life and get drunk off of it, should experience the raw numinous of being surrounded by other shifted therians and otherkin for the first time, especially under a sky of stars."

...damn, but this makes me want it more than ever.

This is a data point of one, but I found the only otherkin gather I've ever attended to be a lot more... staid and restrained than it seems most therian gathers are. In practice, it was mostly us dragons who showed up (a *lot* of dragons. So many dragons that on the final day, we probably made a whole card game's worth of Blank White Cards out of the memes we made along the way). But the people running the gather were elven, and there was a bit of a feeling of, "well, you *can* awoo, but we find that rather uncouth, personally". The vibes weren't right for it, I guess.

As someone who's more on the theriomythic end of the derg spectrum, I'd probably enjoy a Howl more, if shiftiness under the stars is considered a norm. I want to actually pad through the woods under moonlight again. I want to roll around in some grass and not feel embarrassed. And I want to do it with others, knowing that we all see everyone there for what we are.

re: Legalize Awoo: The Problems and Solutions of Howls 

@monsterblue @whoispage

Elves who think howling is uncouth? That wasn't very ElfQuest of them.

surveys, non/alterhumanity and religion 

@whoispage I'd love to see more surveys for and by us, and I enjoy answering them, generally. So if you run across any, do toss the links up on here!

And yeah, the conflation of identity with religion is really frustrating. I've seen an attempt or two at therian and vampire religions, and they're usually roundly ignored by the vast majority of non/alterhumans because they're only applicable to their creators. Except when trying to recruit people for some dubious reason, I've never seen anyone describe their non/ahuman identity as a religion, even if they may have religi*ous* feelings or connections related to it.

surveys, non/alterhumanity and religion 

@whoispage (Personally, my identity as dragon influences my religious beliefs in a few ways: I believe in reincarnation because of it, and I also struggle with religions that put humans at the centre of everything, because there is no place for me in them unless I renounce my identity.)

surveys, non/alterhumanity and religion 

@monsterblue I'm in a similar boat, where my religious beliefs are affected by my nonhumanity, but my nonhumanity is in no way a religion innate of itself. As a scholar of religion myself, it drives me up the wall when I see others try to define alterhuman identities as formal religions. X_x

surveys, non/alterhumanity and religion 

@whoispage Yeah. It's not like, A Religion any more than being transgender is a religion, imo. Of course being trans is going to affect the ways in which you approach religion and the religions you can be comfortable with; you might worship gods that have been historically been portrayed as androgynous or multigender, because you see yourself reflected in them... heck, you might even believe you lived as your gender(s) in a past life, and that's why you're trans now... but it's not like Trans Is A Religion, yeesh.


Hmm... what jumps to mind for me after reading this is that while it's important to realize that animals aren't humans, it's also important to remember that humans *are* animals: The dog wanting a chocolate cookie and the human wanting not to deal with the problem of feral cats are the same class of thing. And there's nothing fundamentally preventing there from being situations where the dog knows better than the human, and might prevent the human from doing the human equivalent of eating chocolate.

That's not really a disagreement with anything you've said here. Just an observation.

re: Nonhumanity & Roleplay: On Not Taking Things “Seriously” Enough 

@whoispage yes yes yes *this*.

"...for every wolf intent on devouring entrails, there’s an elk bugling obnoxiously in the distance. For every protagonist dealing with their exotrauma through therapy, there’s also a protagonist trying to recreate the horrible handmade alcoholic drink their best man dared them to chug from their wedding. And hell, those examples could be the same person just at different times!" THIS SO MUCH.

Even the noble wolf is sometimes Moon Moon, rolling on the grass and panting and kicking their leggies in the air. Even the elk going BRAAAAPT in the distance can gore you to death.

Honestly, I think that being able to have a mix of serious and playful outlooks on your experiences is healthy. If you're always self-mocking, you run the risk of brushing yourself and others off when you genuinely have a need; if you cling stubbornly to seriousness, you run the risk of losing perspective when you really should take a step back and notice the absurdity of it all. Life, all of it, is silly and serious, and being able to embrace both sides is part of being whole.

Also, a lot of those "fluffy" things are literally just... forms of self-comfort? Buying a dragon hoodie or drawing yourself as a Powerful Sparklederg can be therapeutic. Roleplaying can relieve dysphoria, or be a vehicle to explore dysphoric feelings. (I played a dysphoric angelkin in a LiveJournal RPG for some years.)

Imagine if we were this strict about other identities. This just in, my fellow trans lads: buying that body wash "For Men" is trivialising of your gender! Never mind that it gives you a burst of euphoria: you can only Be A Man if you're Seeeeewious about it, which means, uh, I guess promoting toxic masculinity? Isn't it healthier for both men and beasts to let themselves do what feels right, and let go of expectations to present a certain way?

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re: bestiality, zoophilia, rape, and Ugly Instincts 

@whoispage Thank you for this, seriously.

Instincts are not the same as acting on. I will defend this to my death: you can have all sorts of weird, ugly, dangerous, deadly thoughts and feelings, things that if you carried them out would be awful and hurtful, or that you can't carry out because consenting partners of your preferred body type don't exist in your society, etc. It doesn't make you evil. If feeling was acting, everyone with an unrequited sexual desire would be a rapist.

The line between feeling and acting-- that's the line you draw that defines who you are, as a person. Not just for this, but for everything. Growth is a series of judgments made and lines drawn, about when, where and how to act on your feelings.

I fully agree that we should treat these instincts with compassion and open discussion, because anything else forces people underground. It makes them think they're no better than an abuser for having feelings. Dwell in that state long enough, and you might well commit abuse, because you've been taught that it's all morally the same anyway. That's one way that people break, and become cruel.

re: basilisks, dragons, and reptilian kinship 

@whoispage Kept meaning to reply to this! But I actually feel a huge sense of responsibility and kinship towards reptiles as a whole, which I think is due to my draconic nature.

I'm as white and Western as they come, but when I think of the *essence* of dragons I feel like Chinese-derived mythos has it right, at least for my type: dragons as protectors, weather-bringers, elemental spirits. I always felt such a kinship with the forest god in Princess Mononoke, flowers blooming in the wake of their steps and dying when they leave. I often imagine being a living ecosystem for a bunch of smaller critters, my body as a place for them to shelter within the recesses of, for moss and lichens to grow on.

There's something in the mythos of certain cryptids that resonates, too. Beasts that guard the land, and attack humans for damaging it... how is that different from a forest kami, really?

I ended up getting a bearded dragon, and... honestly, it's the first time I've felt really attached to another critter like that. I like cats and dogs, but with Nara it's like... hi this is my small child.

@whoispage As an older (30+) dragon, I support this.

People of any age group should be allowed to express themselves and be free. Nobody gains anything socially from identifying as kin or alterhuman; if they do, it's due to a personal need. As long as someone perceives that need to be true, what "authority" do others have to deny it?

@whoispage I can't tell you what you are. Only you can tell you what you are. That's been a cornerstone of the otherkin community since the beginning; critters who claim to be able to tell if you're "real" kin or not are denying this basic fact.

@monsterblue @whoispage If anything we massively /lose/ socially, frankly. Even among queer people!

@monsterblue @whoispage I'm a wolf because I'm a wolf, not because of any sort of pretending thing.

(I'm a young'un, 21 here and only found out about nonhumanity at all in the past few years. Still know basically zip about the community.)

@monsterblue @whoispage I call myself transspecies, personally (as well as therian and otherkin, but decidedly not alterhuman); I've had /other trans people/ tell me "you're not trans that's different".

@IceWolf same tbh; I've used the transspecies term for a long time, even though some critters dislike it (and have tried to drive me off various online platforms for it). It captures how I feel in a way no other term can.

@monsterblue Yeah, yeah exactly. It's like, I'm /trans/; all that trans stuff? That applies to us[system] too, pretty much verbatim. My first thought on reading basically any trans thing (aside from gender-related stuff like junk tucking and breast stuff) is "yeah /relatable/".

frank discussion of GRS surgery 

@IceWolf same. I can go on /r/egg_irl or any other "questioning trans" platform and I'm like, "same, but species". Every time.

and like. I'm transspecies *and* transgender and they're entangled. I didn't get my tits lopped off for no reason; I did it to be closer to reptile. I couldn't explain that to the guy who did my surgery, but that was the real reason.

frank discussion of GRS surgery 

@monsterblue reminds me of @/ who wrote a piece focussed on the gender side of things, idk how it feels about "transspecies" but near the end it says basically "here is a list of reasons why I [got top surgey] and I stand by every one of them.

I did it so I'd be shaped more like a bird. .."

(And it's made me kinda go hmm... might be that if we got top surgery, chest would look more like horse? Slightly. Sort of.)

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