Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

Chi's been suggesting I start formally hosting my comic somewhere instead of just posting on Twit/Tumblr/Discord every week. I'm not sure what websites should be avoided and what are preferred for this type of thing-- I've heard conflicting things about a lot of comic hosting websites and rules about keeping ownership of your work. Right now I'm currently leaning towards Tapas, but if anyone has any advice or nuggets of wisdom, it would be extremely appreciated.

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Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@whoispage I would probably build my own page at Neocities or something (with the images being hosted somewhere like Imgur), but I understand I'm an extreme case of really not wanting ads or trackers on websites whenever possible; that would be a lot of work, compared to Wordpress, Tumblr or Tapas. :p

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@azzi @whoispage

I agree. neocities is a non profit nice little thing!

@tcannonfodder has a nice webcomic setup that you can use for example here:

Alternatively there is which lets you edit and work on yourwebsite as you use it, which is super nifty.

these two would get the amount of work on the neocities page to go down.

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@azzi @whoispage @tcannonfodder

Otherwise setting up a wordpress is probably the long term easiest and convenient thing with like or something.

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@ChrisTalleras @azzi @whoispage

👋👋 happy to help out with any questions about Sunday Papers!

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@whoispage I've started posting my comic over in ComicFury, which has a nice community feel to it. If your comics are more classic webcomic/print comic style you'll get good engagement there. Tapas and Webtoons are OK but I find engagement is lacking there unless you're blasting out daily/weekly updates

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@whoispage You could also have a website hosted on gitlab or github with jekyll. Not to hard to do (you can find ready made themes already). Benefit is that it's no-cost and you still keep the code so you can host it elsewhere if you choose to. (can even keep the same domain, you can get .ml .ga domain names for free fyi)

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@whoispage I had hoped the advice would be a little less technical when I reblogged this, so I'll try to break down the options you have.

You have three options: 1) self hosting a static website, 2) self hosting a dynamic website, 3) hosting on someone else's platform.

You are currently doing the last one, and are mentioning going to a specialized version of 3. I'll break down the other two first.

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@whoispage Static hosting is when you have a simple webpage that only you can change content on. You can make these by hand or by using a tool like jekyll or hugo. People can follow your comic through an rss or atom feed.

The upside of static hosting is that only you can change the content, so it's very secure. The downside is that you won't be able to have comments, and will need to advertise to get readers to find it.

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@whoispage Dynamic hosting is when you use a CMS like wordpress or your own fediverse software. Because people can submit comments, you will have to do moderation on these, and you will need to keep the CMS up to date to avoid security issues.

Upside is that you have a lot of control, downside is the security and moderation burden, as well as needing to advertise to let readers discover it.

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

@whoispage Finally, letting someone else host means that they are in charge of the moderation and keeping the software up to date.

However, the really big hosts tend to treat your comic as mere honey to slap on their advertisements, and give little to no help when you are having issues. Make sure you can find a forum or way to contact the moderators, otherwise steer clear.

I hope this helps.

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