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System Introduction 

We're the Sol System, a four-person, nonhuman, mixed/unknown-origin system.

Page - they/he; canine psychopomp & Asian dragon
Noel - she/they/he; European dragon
Drago - he/him; European dragon
Wyvern - she/her; European dragon

Dash joining the system has been a blessing in disguise, but has also completely thrown off all our carefully balanced and measured responsibilities and projects. x_x Time allocation's shifted now that there's a fourth person (and another WRITER), and it's just throwing everything off massively. And we were already crunched for time to begin with!

On the bright side, he wrote a bunch of pages for his book today and made himself a Twitter:

Happy Otherkin Day! (+) 

Additionally, happy otherkin day! Whether you're out running naked in the woods or curled up in front of a computer accidentally publishing relevant essays on this most sacred of holidays, make sure to go wild, stay safe, and have fun. ;3c

(I had no idea it was Otherkin Day until House of Chimeras pointed it out to us, so, shout-out to them for the reminder! What fantastic timing!)

Website Updates/Essay drop; Happy Otherkin Day! (+) 

- Added "Twisting Intersections" to the Writings section, on Noel's understandings of being both a European dragon and neosuchian.

- Added Dash's name to the systemmate list and necessary references to him throughout the website; his bio page is not yet linked and will be worked on at a future date at his discretion.

As always, our website is located at: invisibleotherkin.neocities.or

Website Updates/Essay drop; Happy Otherkin Day! (+) 

Our personal website, Three Dragons and a Dog, has been updated! Here's what new:

- Added "Interview with a Basilisk" to the Writings section, an informational essay by Dash on his species of basilisk and general information about them.

- Added "Being Basilisk, Being Human" to the Writings section, a short piece on Dash's thoughts on humanity and existing in a human body.

attack of Ghost-ily's character, Ash (#1475309)!

According to most Pokemon professors, Shinx need daily enrichment in order to keep from becoming bored (and potentially destructive of furniture). Some trainers opt to use fuzzy balls on strings in order to amuse their Shinxes!

If you're doing AF this year, hmu!

Also, nonhuman/alterhuman folks who follow me:

Inky Paws zine submissions close August 15th! You have just over a month to finish your submissions and get them to me!

Inky Paws submission information can be found here:

attack of Sunshineara5's character, Adelaide Hunter (#1525733)!

This piece took me a while because I've never drawn a sea serpent nor a more active water scene before, but I'm super proud!

If you're doing AF this year, hmu!

Folcinteric Nonhumanity Resource Drop 

Realized I never posted any of these here. My current Folcintera-focused pieces, of which I am very personally proud of.

Folcintera General Definition: invisibleotherkin.neocities.or

A Short Introduction to Folcinteric Nonhumanity essay: invisibleotherkin.neocities.or

The Folcintera Week (Writing) Challenge: invisibleotherkin.neocities.or

I've now seen a few more people use the term outside of just myself, which I never expected to see. It's heartwarming, weirdly.

Alterhuman/Otherkin/Therian Resource Drop 

People have been insisting that psychological-identifying otherkin & spiritual otherkin with non-"from birth/conception" narratives are not "true otherkin". In my annoyance, I put this together.

Here's an incomplete chronological list of resources from 1998-2021 exploring the idea of therianthropy, otherkinity, and other forms of non-humanity developing after birth, hosted on my website, invisibleotherkin.neocities.or:


Gen life updates (+) 

We've picked back up Twitch streaming to show Chimeras some fun games we think they'll like, and are planning to head up to see them for our anniversary in September, so despite being crazy busy I'm still really excited for what the rest of the year holds in store of us all!

It's the big 1-year mark for us and Chi, and then the lucky 7-year mark for us and Thomas. It's so exciting! I hope we manage to get everyone good gifts! I have some ideas in mind.

Gen life updates (~) 

Really need to buckle down and finish our lecture for OtherCon, but we've been distracted writing essays for Sonne's Radiant Obscurities project ( and our own website (invisibleotherkin.neocities.or - not mobile friendly). Also been wrangling Inky Paws, and planning for the future Safari Zone zine after it. We're hoping to have everything done by Aug-Oct, to then focus on a theoretical podcast with Chimeras, and a theoretical altH-focused ebook.

Gen life updates (~) 

Started a new nonhuman forum a few months back because I'm very sick of the pro-bestiality viewpoints I've seen popping up in a lot of the current forums (mainly the Werelist and Therian Guide), and how so many of them try to monopolize and centralize forum spaces, viewing it as a "competition" more than anything else (Kinmunnity and TG are a little notorious for this). We'll see if it goes anywhere, but we have a few hundred members as of right now and I'm optimistic.

Forum advertisement: Nonhuman National Park 

The Nonhuman National Park is a new forum moderated by myself and HouseofChimeras aimed towards nonhumans, alterhumans, and plural systems.

The Park is hoping to establish itself as a community hub and resource center focused on strengthening bridges between various communities and individuals, helping tear down faction-based mindsets, and promoting new growth and ideas.

Check it out at:!


Inky Paws is a nonhuman zine for original fiction writings by nonhumans and alterhumans about nonhumanity, alterhumanity, and similar, related themes.

This zine is primarily literature focused, but will also be open to more illustrative methods of story-telling such as comics. The zine’s focus is on fictional pieces that are centered around nonhumanity, alterhumanity, therianthropy, and similar.

Find more information here:

Comic CW: Childhood trauma 

This Pride, I wanted to take a second to say something that I think my younger self desperately needed to hear but was never told: life is worth living, even when the going gets tough. No matter what’s going wrong and however awful and lonely you may feel right now, things do get better, and you aren’t alone. You’re just as worthy of love and respect as everyone else. You’re worth something. And I believe in you. Happy Pride, everyone. 🏳️‍🌈

The Feelings Surround and Usage of the Words "Species Dysphoria" & "Transspecies" Survey is interested in the rates of species dysphoria within the nonhuman/alterhuman communities the level of usage of the term transspecies, and the overall perception of these terms within the communities. All submissions are entirely anonymous.

The information will be used in an upcoming Othercon convention panel.

Ad on behalf of HouseofChimeras


Anyone have any advice on managing and publishing an online zine?

I have "must work multiple projects at once" syndrome, and would love to set up a smallish zine as a passion project, but I've never done work like that for specifically online environments, and I've never headed a project with open invitations to creators I don't already personally know.

Words of wisdom would be super appreciated.

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