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System Introduction 

We're the Sol System, a four-person, nonhuman, mixed/unknown-origin system.

Page - they/he; canine psychopomp & Asian dragon
Noel - she/they/he; European dragon
Drago - he/him; European dragon
Wyvern - she/her; European dragon

We've caught the writing bug lately. I blame Chimeras' influence 😂

Personal nonhuman stuff; label change 

Even though I see myself as entirely nonhuman, I don't consider myself otherkin/therian anymore. I feel too disconnected from the community language and politics now adays; I just can't relate to the, well, humancentric points of view and preferred language in much of the communities.

I came up with my own word, "folcinteric," to describe my nonhumanity instead if labels are really a must for some(invisibleotherkin.neocities.or).

I'm still a nonhuman creator.

Cool nonhuman survey for cool nonhumans! 

The Nonhumanity & Body Modification/Decoration Survey is interested in rates of body modification and decoration within the various nonhuman communities, the connection these have to the expression of nonhuman identities, and of current perspectives regarding such. All submissions are anonymous!

The survey can be found here:

Otherkin terminology gripes 

I realized that I don't really fit into theriomythic in the way the word is kind of...meant to be used/commonly used? Where it just seems to mean "non-earthly animal, but animalistic" instead of "weird existence encompassing literal animality(therian), aspects of recorded human mythos(fickin), AND degrees of sapience(otherkin)"

So now we're breaking off from -kin/other-/theri- entirely and just making our own word with its own definitions, just for our experiences.

I've always really liked drawing hands but now I'm turning into someone who really likes drawing clothes too. Younger me would *hate* hearing this, as a kid I could never get either right.

I distinctly remember preteen!Page reading an interview from their favorite manga artist, where the artist said they loved drawing leather jackets/pants because the material was so shiny and could be patterned and form fitting. Didn't understand then how they could like that, but I TOTALLY get it now.

Don't judge a book by its cover, or a unicorn by out-dated stereotypes.

Has this joke been done before? A million times yes. Will this stop me? Absolutely not.

ADHD stuff (~) 

Finally got my insurance card in the mail, and it couldn't have arrived sooner. We've been having some seriously worrying depressive episodes lately, and they've been exacerbating our ADHD-- which means we've kind of become nonfunctional in most of our day-to-day life.

Don't expect much out of us until we get on medication, but here's hoping it's soon! We're doing our best with what we've got and adult ADHD is rough to get diagnosed AND treated to boot. Aaaaa.

We finally migrated and updated our personal website! invisibleotherkin.neocities.or

If you've been debating making yourself a personal site, consider this your sign. Especially if you're alterhuman-- WereLibrary is back online and collecting website links and resources.

The responsibilities, the expectations, and the day-to-day life of humans can be wonderful and fulfilling for some, I’m sure. We just can’t seem to relate.

{Newest Shenani-kins comic by Noel}

Also set Shenani-kins up with a Tapas. Will update weekly until the backlog of comics runs out.

Shenani-kins has an official website! Not the prettiest, but fully functional and up-to-date.

Check it out at if interest you!

Sometimes dating humans as an can be a little....tricky. Here's what was originally an early Shenani-kins update! Except I forgot to post it to Mastodon when it was finished! Whoops, haha.

Comic Hosting Question/Advice 

Chi's been suggesting I start formally hosting my comic somewhere instead of just posting on Twit/Tumblr/Discord every week. I'm not sure what websites should be avoided and what are preferred for this type of thing-- I've heard conflicting things about a lot of comic hosting websites and rules about keeping ownership of your work. Right now I'm currently leaning towards Tapas, but if anyone has any advice or nuggets of wisdom, it would be extremely appreciated.

Otherkin/therian forum vent, rant - 

...And it'd make us seriously reconsider where we stand in the alterhuman communities if we weren't doing that already. Sure, terminology fits and we have close friends, but I'm getting more and more sick of the sort of inane, batshit takes and standpoints I see by the day.

I'm just a canine who wants to talk about how kind of cool and kind of weird it is to be a canine, and my experiences with it. Wish it could be as simple as that.

Otherkin/therian forum vent, rant - 

Literally my only solace in any of this is that I'm going to make damn sure that those two forums never, ever fucking touch my essays, lectures, or comics. Even if that reduces my reach, it's worth it. Especially with the shit going on with TG-- the fact that people still *defend* the admin who has, for years, been known and proven as a practicing zoo just boggles the damn mind. It's disappointing beyond words...

Otherkin/therian forum vent, rant - 

I might occasionally be on Therian Guide and Kinmunnity, but I'm of the opinion that both platforms would be better off burned to the ground--*especially* TG. One's run by elitists who think it's a-ok to have staff who engage in bestiality, and the other is run by someone who thinks that being a meme makes her defacto the spokesperson for alterhumans in the public eye. It's pathetic, it's frustrating, and it's absolutely enraging.

Personal - 

Mastodon is too lonely, Tumblr is too crowded and connected, but it's feeling more and more like a locked Twitter account is just right for me.

I *need* people and community of some kind on the platforms I'm on, but now that I'm hitting over a couple thousand followers on Tumblr, I feel like I can't be my authentic self. Like we have to water ourselves down to be palpable, otherwise we run getting dogpiled. It's eh.

OtherCon 2021 lecture topic 

I think I have a solid idea of what I'm going to submit as a potential lecture for OrherCon 2021-- Hoping to talk about how self-defined "anti-otherkin" and the rhetoric we see them use are representative of cultural religious illiteracy and bias against animal-associated identities and percieved-to-be-non-monotheistic groups (even though 'kin =/= religion or spirituality). My capstone was on this, so it's kind of my specialty. Hope there's interest for it!

Just because we’re doesn’t absolve us of our moral duty to make the world a better place as much as we’re able to-- and not just the strictly human world, either. Hope y’all enjoy the newest Shenani-kins , and stay safe out there!

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