a brain purge, havent really been too online since october? (havent drawn since september) its a nice rainy summer day. i have windows! i can open! and hear the rain! and the daycare kids nextdoor cant play in the rain so i dont have to hear them scream ☔ 💧 mark fischer is saying diy is a retreat from the battlefield. 🌎

whats been up here? im gonna look around

food and voting 

when u cook yourself a nice meal and then you dont even want to eat it and just procrastinate by cleaning stuff (and posting) - thanks vyvanse. i guess. gonna force myself to eat one taco and then go vote.

votings dumb. like,,i mean. i got one of those "we'll know if you vote or not 👀" like the way to get people to vote is to make them uncomfortable. i asked a coworker if that would make her vote and shes like "no ofc not, i dont know anything about it."

lol mature men 

coworker my dads age gave me the silent treatment and refused to look at me all day yesterday because hes mad i didnt reply to his horrible half coherent thirst texts. i know thats why because he talked to everyone but me and someone else told me ✌️

50 year old men really still think any girl thats polite to them and smiles wants to fuck them

like?? im gay!!!!

im already wearing moon earrings but i guess ill paint my nails lavender too

i just noticed there was a new pokemon trailer, watched it, and could think of nothing but my tommy hilfiger gameboy color i played red on

i didnt realize it would have the logo on it. got it from toys r us as a 10 year old. idk??? lol i tried to scrape the logo off, but it didnt work. now these go for $200.

my brother had a see-through purple one. as many others have said, lets bring that shit back please

the goal of customer service is to make the upper class comfortable with exploiting you? or something like that? hm time to log off good day

i was very tired and couldnt coherently explain my problem with that

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when u feel ugly but youre stimulated and cant stop shit talking (doesnt matter how politely)

and then theres no one to talk to so u just keep going in ur head, watching ur ugly thoughts pollute ur brain

👀 👀 here is without bangs,,, see how much better it looks With bangs. thats the cure for questionable hair color. its bangs

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more nutrition, heres vitamins and minerals, calories 

look at all these stats dude, for this one meal

i didnt eat all day! like a meal.. idk i had some oreos and a little extra almond matcha that i made for a customer and probably a smoothie and a vegan jerky and a cracker with peanut butter lol, which is like idk 500 calories or st. and like 3 shots of rum and some simple syrup idk idk

i didnt eat on my break cuz i was trying to make an appt and was on hold for 40 mins

idk its interesting

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look at my food again please and its nutritional stats 

good food!

spaghetti with brocolli and chikns and garlic breads

v protein and fat heavy, i usually aim for at least 70% carbs
but i usually dont use buttery spread lol

one time i went to a restaurant and the only vegan option i could figure out was spaghetti with sundried tomatoes and brocolli, which i never would have done on my own, but now ive been eating it for years... well, spaghetti and brocolli. no thanks to sundried tomates

home fries recipe 

partially just writing it down so i can remember what i did cuz its GOOOOOooOoOOOOD

1. i used two big yellow potatoes
2. cut em up, put in bowl.
3. dump on hoisin sauce (???), sesame oil (like five drops), chili oil (like a tsp), onion powder, garlic salt (this one also has parsley)
4. 425F like 25 min
5. add chikn nuggies and pickles lol

👌 👌 👌

do you not love when the big boss of a hippie ass crunch crunch special food store makes pb 100K and says theyre working on putting together meals without rice so they can be gluten free

u know when someone is totally slick and implies u dont feel empathy byntelling you about their radical new independent discovery at age 50 called "putting yourself in someone elses shoes" and maybe you should try it some time

happy holidays ~

here's emo xmas party, which i posted in may lol bc thats when i finished it. but now its up on webtoon and tapas::::



its sad and depressing. stuff sort of about suicide and disordered eating and being poor and unemployed! :)

look at my food 

hungee eatin good 🙏 🙌 👌 ✌️


why are you doing this to me when will this man die when why

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