my climate controlled room 

im v pleased with how having a little bit of money has allowed me to deal with living in a basement and with smokers

i got a humidifier and a air purifier! just small cheap ones, $50 total. i thought a lot and shopped around and thought "hm, maybe it wont be strong enough.." but they are! they help a lot!!

and then i also have a smelly wax melter thing too, which is a better investment than just buying so many candles over the years! the wax is cheap and lasts so long


my climate controlled room 

and i got a temperature and humidity thermometer thing. and. i love it. and knowing exactly what things are like in here instead of guessing.

like, i didnt realize that it is actually very dry down here! and now the humidifier is helping with dry skin and waking up with a dry throat and everything. and ive had a nasty sort of clogged throat for years - always having to clear my throat because of the dryness and smoke - and its noticeably better now

💪 💪 💪 🏋️‍♂️

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