food and voting 

when u cook yourself a nice meal and then you dont even want to eat it and just procrastinate by cleaning stuff (and posting) - thanks vyvanse. i guess. gonna force myself to eat one taco and then go vote.

votings dumb. like,,i mean. i got one of those "we'll know if you vote or not 馃憖" like the way to get people to vote is to make them uncomfortable. i asked a coworker if that would make her vote and shes like "no ofc not, i dont know anything about it."

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food and voting 

i mean i got a letter letting me know they know if i vote or not. i dont even remember whom it was from. good marketing losers, great campaign.

seriously tho politics is crummy, lousy - heres some great words i got from the thesaurus that we should bring back from 1940. whats the time cycle on vocabulary becoming cool again? seems much longer than fashion

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