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it's me, wennie, a kindly online grandma who draws pictures and comics that are gay and have magic and guns 🍽 i'm here to SOCIALIZE and to DRAW and to look at DRAWINGS 🌺

atm i'm into winter scented candles, manben and making of shows, yakuza let's plays, and ginger carrots and roasted vegetables in general.

comics links here:

👩‍⚕️: are you dating anyone?
😕: no
👩‍⚕️: ok, then we dont have to worry about libido....

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wait no i need tips. i have been vaguely possibly invited to a bar for a coworkers bday next week. how do bars work? how do i act cool and like ive been to a bar before and not let anyone know ive only ever drunk alone in my room which is in a basement,,, im gonna have to? whisper threaten the bartender to not out me as i make them explain themselves to me

the goal of customer service is to make the upper class comfortable with exploiting you? or something like that? hm time to log off good day

i was very tired and couldnt coherently explain my problem with that

a regular customer who used to be a teacher gave some of us her personality test ~☆☆

you go to her candy shop and choose one candy: hard candy, gummy bears, chocolate, licorice, candy corn, and i dont remember the other one....

we all chose chocolate, which means we're all 🍫 optomists 🍫

then you get a second choice, too. one picked gummy bears, which means 🐻 strength 🐻 . one picked (i dont remember), which means wisdom. and i picked licorice, which means 🌱 loyalty 🌱

nice memory here

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17 year old: whats your favorite meal?
me: rice and broccoli with tajin i cook it altogether in the rice cooker its fast and convenient i could eat it everyday
17 year old: oh, i meant like breakfast lunch or dinner
me: (oh yeah i remember that)
me: uh yeah breakfast is fun right ?? people like that one? cakes

most likely culprits:
1. fluoride
2. chem trails

remember back in college when u were so semi mad about your trash sleep schedule that had u going to bed at 4:30 am everyday, but u were like aw shucks but soon i'll be old and just sleep all the time and go to bed at night like a natural born adult who pays rent

but now youre old and you only sleep every other night. the other nights you listen to vandals lady killer on loop for five hours while you categorize PLUs unnecessarily bc the idea of doing it cannot leave your brain until it is done

i got told that adam levine is hot and im so sorry, straight girls are not okay, please help them, somebody, please

i tried googling "imparsible" and it doesnt seem to be in dictionaries? im now worried theres some secret context to this word i dont know about. ive only heard justin mcelboy say it i think. google makes it seem like math scientists love it? is there a math joke? possibly some linguistics jargon? what is this

oh dang. today is a good day to read one of my comics set in a nuclear winter chicago:

i just read it again recently and its more bizarre and imparsible than i remember 👍

its extra gross becauss they have such a nasty fake left front. at least working on the boat they just told you to go fuck yourself to your face. no tricks or, like,,,, gaslighting? lol "we care, i promise" "now fill out this hr survey and fukken snitch on yourself cuz we just sincerely want your feedback" 🤣

both the guys ive met are immigrants, just basically straight up being exploited in front of rich liberal eyes everyday. people who spend $40 on dinner at the fuckin grocery store salad bar everyday and then call to complain and ask for a freebie next time cuz the juice was too watery as if they couldnt have paid for it with the change in their couch cushions, slobs

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