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it's me, wennie, a kindly online grandma who draws pictures and comics that are gay and have magic and guns 🍽 i'm here to SOCIALIZE and to DRAW and to look at DRAWINGS 🌺

atm i'm into winter scented candles, manben and making of shows, yakuza let's plays, and ginger carrots and roasted vegetables in general.

comics links here:

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A mixed media painting of Camilla, my oc, looking unbothered. She has orange dreads, and a striped shirt. Done with inks, watercolors, and colored pencil.

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u know when u go to work with 8 hoop earrings in ur right ear and dare ppl to call u straight

seriously tho i have 8 piercings in my right ear and cant think of new fun earring combos or styles to wear. if anyones got any good earring recs or pics for that im down. i feel like my earrings are boring...........

u know when u start a new job and identify which of ur coworkers are cops and which are dangerous for you (a gay) to be too nice to, isnt it rad

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times like this i ask myself why i dont have a blonde mullet right now, right this second. but im responsible. im gonna wait til my new job probation is over before diy fucking my hair up

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wow theres so many more fun interpretations of this song than i realized as a teen lol (im a boy, the who)

i just remembered in high school some teachers told us about an undercover cop student they had and just 12 years later im like wait ................. ............ what

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that thing where ur boss thinks ur friends

i gotta just be a better actor which is shitty! i just have to have a big fake friendship to get this person to fricking chill, like cool job dumbass

love it when a person you cannot escape implies that youre a sociopath because youre being fake nice to them because they told u to stop being rude and cant accept that u just dont wanna hang out with them

i love it!

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