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it's me, wennie, a kindly online grandma who draws pictures and comics that are gay and have magic and guns 🍽 i'm here to SOCIALIZE and to DRAW and to look at DRAWINGS 🌺

atm i'm into winter scented candles, manben and making of shows, yakuza let's plays, and ginger carrots and roasted vegetables in general.

comics links here:

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why am i doing so much weird research to write a dbh fancomic. idc its fun... like im mainly researching dumb jokes and references to see if theyre good or whatever. im just cranking out an unnecessary amount of ideas. its always the kind of wasted potential stuff like this that really gets me going.

the inverse of guys saying yoga pants should be banned cuz theyre too hot is me saying joggers should be mandatory cuz theyre too hot

sometimes i feel like the children assume i am one of them

hhey i dont wanna put it up top but just an announcement i am a 29 year old cis white woman just so everyone knows whats up

this is no longer in effect but i dont feel like deleting it cuz it gives context or somethng. like when i go thru my own stuff as a diary and remember all the good timez. no but ive deleted and thrown stuff out in the past that i regretted and idk i just wanna look back someday at this stage of myself and see what its like

my mom said "Oh also I would never have enough self discipline to work at home either!!. I would just watch tv or sleep! Lol"
and i realized ive been on a fools errand. like. cleaning is so fucking easy i can clean all day. but sit down and think work??????? noonooooooooooooh

i have a tip because someone gave me some jokey shit for taking flinstones vitamins:
1: vitamins are largely fake anyway
2: vitamin c doesnt help cold
2.5: doctor told me maybe i might be low on zinc and phosphorous and i couldnt figure out how to eat any more beans than i already was
3: i got scared i might get stress sick from working a hard job
4. flinstones is literally half the price of grown up vitamins
5: you dont need 5,000% vitamins ANYWAYS
6: i still ended up getting sick
7: fun tho

oh. physical work is easy. mental work is hard.

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i went to pee in my old school and felt nothing and like it doesnt even feel weird,,,,, not sure what i expected

i went for a downtown walk and it sucked, it was boring, theres nothing there, boring, ugly. another thing - have men ever considered being hot and attractive? i think its really weird that they just choose to not be but to each his own

this is my most popular post now thanks to the choice ass song lyric shouts out to music

hey why would u waste ur time with phenylephrine when u can just show id and get the real stuff that actually works....?
im just mad cuz it was all i could find last week and i just took a real genuine wal-phed today and this is a psa i guess,, google a real pharmacy near u and dont waste ur time

what the fuck is this new shit where u apply for a job and they call u 20 mins later. i kind of hate it slow down

i cant overstate just how much this album is completely doing it for me today and yesterday even tho ive heard it 1000 times before

>> <<

so that makes me wanna share it so maybe someone else can understand and im not alone i guess lol., if you are even a little interested in ,, like midwestern folk rock, alt country from c 1998 then please give it a listen and idk let me know 🤸‍♀️

n let me know whats the last album you were extremely feeling, im an album listener🍷 🥂

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