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it's me, wennie, a kindly online grandma who draws pictures and comics that are gay and have magic and guns 🍽 i'm here to SOCIALIZE and to DRAW and to look at DRAWINGS 🌺

atm i'm into winter scented candles, manben and making of shows, yakuza let's plays, and ginger carrots and roasted vegetables in general.

comics links here: wennovane.tumblr.com/comics



here to brag about my blood work.
my lipid panel done today is IDEAL and 👌 even tho heart disease runs in my family and they keep telling me it's just genetic and there's not much they can do about it.

ok. well, i have the LDL of a 10 year old tell me how genetics works again??? is it genetics that after age 10 you can already see signs of atherosclerosis in american kids? or is it because they haven't been alive long enough to eat enough garbage?

This is untrue, but a common misconception.

the way people classify carbs versus protein and fat is pretty off. for example, people classify potato chips as carbs even though they are 58% fat (Lay's specifically for this number.) or donuts, which are 53% fat (a Dunkin Donut). that's the type of food people binge on or overeat and is unhealthy.

whereas, pretty much no one is binging on baked potatoes (91% carbs) or wheat flour (80% carbs) or apples (96% carbs).

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just vividly remembered when i was in sixth grade and my teacher was like "would u mind if i kept ur project as an example?" and i said no and he was like "ok, nevermind then," and i started silently crying as he walked away

anyone else hv parents that refer to pets as ur siblings and ur just like "but thats ... my son???"

new generic "organic" kroger fake chicken vegan tenders are the best i've had, also cheapest and u get the most/$. i love new novelty foodstuffs, ive been conditioned 🤑

i shaved my armpits cuz its hot and i thought it was making them smell more, but now theyer so naked n indecent!!!!!

i walked through the farmer's market and a rummage sale yesterday and thats considered a lot of getting out for me 🏊‍♀️ it was p nice to see some stuff i havent seen in a few years

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im very curious to know where people get their freelance art jobs from. please share. fiverr? indeed? tumblr? twitter? upwork? guru? linkedin? im just curious and dont know

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