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it's me, wennie, a kindly online grandma who draws pictures and comics that are gay and have magic and guns 🍽 i'm here to SOCIALIZE and to DRAW and to look at DRAWINGS 🌺

atm i'm into winter scented candles, manben and making of shows, yakuza let's plays, and ginger carrots and roasted vegetables in general.

comics links here:


what up yallllll antidepressants are fake i think. ah i know its just a phase but boy oh boy

meds and moods 

im too jazzed to sit here - i get angry when i touch a thing and it doesnt load immediately. you know?? anyone elss get so frustrated at a normal browser that they have to leave the house??
i cant handle certain kinds of boredom sometimes. yesterday it was slow at work and i was just unpleasant all day, wanting to fight and just complaining allll day why im like that

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meds and moods 

im in the mood to post and chat right now cuz im off today and i took me vyvanse and when im not working it makes me want to socialize...
i wish my desire to socialize wasnt so sporadic!


a brain purge, havent really been too online since october? (havent drawn since september) its a nice rainy summer day. i have windows! i can open! and hear the rain! and the daycare kids nextdoor cant play in the rain so i dont have to hear them scream ☔ 💧 mark fischer is saying diy is a retreat from the battlefield. 🌎

whats been up here? im gonna look around

my climate controlled room 

and i got a temperature and humidity thermometer thing. and. i love it. and knowing exactly what things are like in here instead of guessing.

like, i didnt realize that it is actually very dry down here! and now the humidifier is helping with dry skin and waking up with a dry throat and everything. and ive had a nasty sort of clogged throat for years - always having to clear my throat because of the dryness and smoke - and its noticeably better now

💪 💪 💪 🏋️‍♂️

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my climate controlled room 

im v pleased with how having a little bit of money has allowed me to deal with living in a basement and with smokers

i got a humidifier and a air purifier! just small cheap ones, $50 total. i thought a lot and shopped around and thought "hm, maybe it wont be strong enough.." but they are! they help a lot!!

and then i also have a smelly wax melter thing too, which is a better investment than just buying so many candles over the years! the wax is cheap and lasts so long


i was signed up to savage fenty vip because their deals are powerful and persuasive to me and ive been looking out for the email they promised they would send about charging me, which you can say no thanks to, but i never saw it. so i checked and turns out i had been charged a few days ago lol. so i ended up buying $125 worth of bras and undies cuz i already paid 50 and fuck if this isnt an effective sales strategy good lord

i messaged her and she gave me some shit about how good it is that im being more assertive and this is progress,,,, ive never been concerned about my assertiveness?? i would get a different therapist but im convinced it would just be more of the same and i would lose all the "progress" ive made trying to break her in or whatever.

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ive had this tablet for 2 years and just now noticed and removed the clear protective sticker from the home button goddamn plastic is powerful

therapy is good because i like to get brushed off by a professional , i havent felt this wretched in a long time thanks doc

yo what does it mean when your therapist is like, "so what do you want to talk about?" been thinking about this for a week. tried googling it. am i the only one baffled by this? my last therapist did this too and to me it feels very "what do you want from me?" but like,, we already went over that,,, why am i supposed to take the lead here....... i obv came to you for a reason

also how to get your therapist to stop going on tangents about knitting and shit you dont wanna hear about

im caught up on the promised neverland manga (its good). i havent been reading a current manga since naruto like 9 years ago.


food and voting 

i mean i got a letter letting me know they know if i vote or not. i dont even remember whom it was from. good marketing losers, great campaign.

seriously tho politics is crummy, lousy - heres some great words i got from the thesaurus that we should bring back from 1940. whats the time cycle on vocabulary becoming cool again? seems much longer than fashion

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food and voting 

when u cook yourself a nice meal and then you dont even want to eat it and just procrastinate by cleaning stuff (and posting) - thanks vyvanse. i guess. gonna force myself to eat one taco and then go vote.

votings dumb. like,,i mean. i got one of those "we'll know if you vote or not 👀" like the way to get people to vote is to make them uncomfortable. i asked a coworker if that would make her vote and shes like "no ofc not, i dont know anything about it."

been a long time since i wanted to claim any character as my child. norman is my son!!!!

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after watching the last episode of the anime (its good), i just read like 40 chapters of the promised neverland (its good). i havent been moved to read any comic in such a long time (👍 👍) but i just wanted to know what was gonna happen next and its never boring!

feel bad zone 

"Whats the real reason you dont have a boyfriend? Are you crazy?"

........ just . ..... come on man

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