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Food mention, lewd joke 

Context: J once did a deep dive into the costs and profits of running a hot dog stand and every now and then he brings it up again.

We just went through a drive through and he was commenting on the price of something.

J: R22! That's how much my hot dogs would cost...
Me: Are you back on your hot dog bullshit
J: Hey I can be the Sausage Lord. The Weiner King.

Oh, and that bump at the end was Chewie walking around the bush then nudging me in the arm with her nose, so it's not reacting to a dog being there either (though I've brought the dogs in now, I don't want them to bother it, even though they're very used to the birds being in the garden and never bother them)

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Noticed a really pretty pigeon new on the garden yesterday, and noticed it didn't fly away with the others when I was throwing seed down, it seemed very tame. Now it's sitting on the garden chair and it lets me stroke it :O

Commission me to make you a plushie peen! 

Ain't they cute, I added a drawstring to the foreskin, so it's like a lil' retractable hoodie for it to peek from. I can do custom, making them smaller or larger and changing the colour of the fabric! Large plushies have foam ball inserts for added realism.

£35 plus international shipping from UK (for the size shown below). Prices will vary depending on the customizations.

email: for invoicing

#BrynnSews #Sewing #Commission

Watching Yellowstone, cowboy violence, funny slant 

Dude got whipped in the nostril.

Nobody at all:
My brain: Nostrilowhipicus!

And the front :D (That's my cousin with her -nice having a hairdresser in the family XD)

Marked sensitive for eye contact

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Some pics from the walk :) It was good, 8.5km in total. Got a bit hot on the way back though when the wind died down!

In the last picture, you can see the road I walked up on the weekend that does a switchback up the mountain to the hydro plant near the top.

My mum is in the hairdresser having her hair dyed purple and pink 😁😁😁

I walked all the way up to the lookout point (about 4.5km from home) and I'm sitting here now. It's about 20C and there's a lovely cool sea breeze. :)

The urge to wander fully clothed into the ocean is strong, but I don't want to walk home in wet clothes 😂

Mandala on the laptop during loadshedding. The line art was fine but the poor lappy was struggling a bit with the shading, so I may re-do that part on the puter later. :)

Done in Krita.

Me: Did you impale yourself on my fingernail there
J: Nah I didn't feel anything
Me: Is it because you're as cold as ice
J: Cold as *hisses* iccccccccee
Me: Are we super cool
J: *reaching behind his head with the remote control to turn the solar light on* The coolest
Me: It's a good job we don't have kids, they'd have moved out by now
J: "You guys are so embarrassing!"~ "WTF are you talking about, you're the only one here! Go to your room!"

Finished! :D Copic and Sakura Micron fineliners, pencil shading.

(Marked sensitive for inked illustrated eye)

Spent a couple nights getting more of an intentionally sketchy look with the latest bedtime doodle.

Ahhh! Tim Rozon, I'm remembering him in Wynnona Earp as Doc Holiday.

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