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Alright, so while I am waiting for some finish to dry on my drip box - this is my next art:

#126: "Rift", acrylic pour on 40x30cm canvas

You can acquire the original canvas on etsy:

my gallery:

#art #kittenmews - very very windy this morning, one of the seed feeders blew off and I had to go hunting it down in the garden XD

We have folded blankets and cushions and cozy pet beds all around the house, and I left a thin sun hat on the table and all the cats are taking turns sleeping on it

Plant shopping done! Picked a bunch of lovely new plantfrens and had great help from one of the lovely staff working there who advised me based on what she's got in her own garden that attracts birds, bees, and insects <3 I also got a new bird bath, a big white ornamental cement one with the top shaped like a scalloped shell, and two fan trellises with natural wood (not the planed down flat strips) ^.^

Me: What was the name of that browser thing
J: I don't know, it had a weird name like alabaster bollocks or something
Me:... yeah I'm sure that was it
J: I should name all software

And a screen reader, as well as a bunch of options for subtitle size, colour, opaticy

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Woah, Forza 5. You can choose your head type, hair style, hair colour, you can choose from a big suite of prosthetic arms and legs (!), set your pronouns, and they don't just have 'colour blindness mode', there's filters for deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia :o

Tile man has returned to have a look at what I want done around the border, he's going to put a little brick wall all around there like a curb, just two bricks high (normal red house bricks), then plant some stuff. I'm supplying the plants, going to the nursery on the weekend to buy everything ready for him - and I'm excited, it's like I'm going to find new friendos and adopt them and bring them home :D

Guy in a gaming YT video goes off talking about enemas for several minutes

Me: That was a long-ass tangent, and a long ass-tangent

Weee! The umbrella is a sun-blocking one, apparently 90% UV block. Now just need plants and a projector :D

I love looking through the .art user requests.

"I like the art. I do the art." :D :D :D

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