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sorry for probably posting too much idk

I traced a recent photo/selfie of mine, in affinity designer, post-processing in krita.

I want to try simpler and more minimalist next time, but this was still kinda fun

Y u leave me, bodkin :(

Gonna wait 'til I hear a little tinkle sound in the night then I'll know the cats found it and are batting it across the tiles.

Now I've lost my bodkin -.- I have a little basket that I keep the yarn I'm working with in, and I had some loose squares in there with the bodkin stuck in one of them. I took the basket back to my yarn stash to swap out yarns, and now bodkin gone.

Heh, just found an error in one of my crochet books. Pattern for a square motif, the instructions are for four rounds, the picture on the same page of the completed motif shows it with five rounds, and on the opposite page, three more completed motifs, two with the extra round and one with four rounds. Oops.

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let's call this a "hand study".
it's the of a [], my merpeople.
a bit disgusting, hm?
(they aren't slimy, that's at least something :))

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We love this share offer - if you'd like to support this inspiring campaign to crowdfund a community pub in rural #Wales, take a look at this video and read the share offer document at 👏👏

@NewYorkWelsh @jaz


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Do I have any vinyl guys, gals or non-binary pals? I think kiddo wants to get a record player. What kind of setup do people these days get? I don't know what is normal. Not an audio person.

Remember this image? Is it a character from something? (Person in a red and white psychedelic costume with a big neck frill, head dress, and tail)

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Someone's been posting colourings of my really early mandalas, when I had only just started doing them, with poorly drawn wobbly lines and bad symmetry and all other manner of, to my eyes, mistakes - and saying how much fun she's been having colouring them. So there! <3

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Paint over time! What do you see in these images? Choose one or both of them, part of the image or all of the image, and paint what you see :D

Neighbours are BBQing (or braai-ing as it's called here) and my nose is going nuts with the smoke :(

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