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Silly conversations with my mum (CW food pic and mention), TLDR, everybody must say the phrase 'pea puffs' immediately

Speaking of silly conversations, was once at a cafe with @warpgate9 and he went to get a haircut nearby.

J, in super serious voice: You won't recognise me when I get back after my haircut.
Me: K.
J: I'll be the one in the blue t-shirt.
Me: K.

He left, then the woman at the next table just gave me this look of utter sympathy and I don't know if it was directed at me or at him but it was hilarious.

Game: You receive a crude shovel
Me: Your face is a crude shovel!!!

I'm tired leave me be

"... and we've calculated that this is the amount of pressure that will kill you if you receive it near an explosion"

What if you receive it not near an explosion

What if you receive it near something other than an explosion


Right, I've mapped my novella into 21 chapters.

Err is it a novel now

At the beginning of lockdown in April last year, the company we get our fiber with doubled everyone's speed for free, since so many people would be working from home. It was initially just for a few months, then to the end of the year, and then to June of this year, as lockdown extended. They've just announced they're making the change permanent. So we've got double the speed at the same price. :D

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A found family of TTRPG nerds in their thirties are transported to the world of their game.

How will they handle Vanthis and the Associate Plane when they can barely cope with Earth?

:d20: ✨ πŸ“š 🐲

NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is live on Kickstarter:


You are a power hungry political figure in a fantasy world who has gained access to a large supply of somehow magically enhanced ore (details unknown). What do you do with it?

Had a plot breakthrough for Warden. Was busy outlining and structuring the main plot and breaking it down into chapter descriptions when I realised there's no real big twist/'all is lost' moment, and then realised exactly what to implement into the story to make that happen, yay

(CW, a bit grotesque) Sometimes when I turn on the freecam in Witcher 3 it positions inside Geralt's head...

25 minutes in Krita, from a photo reference :) Timelapse coming soon!

Downloading Krita 5.0 so that I can do timelapses of my painting experiments :D

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Here's what I wrote today, if you've been following the Warden stuff. Unedited first draft disclaimers etc.

Read for some awkward nervous cute conflict resolution between the two polar opposite MCs in this fantasy-setting m/m romance. ^.^

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New MewnBase test/unstable builds for v0.52 are now up! Since prev version: added customizable wooden signs, smarter repair drones, misc bug fixes, and localization updates.

#gamedev #indiegame

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