I have aloe growing in the front garden and had left it untended for years; it had grown big, then got smothered by long grass that pulled it down and uprooted it. Our gardener started sorting it out for me today :D

I now have two neat rows of baby aloes, and the bigger loose aloes lying on the ground are going to be planted around the back garden next week. Yay!

Goodle Maps emailing me my September timeline as if I've left the house

@olivia I have my ups and downs. I think I'm giving it a bit more time now because he's getting more and more farcical the closer it gets to the elections. But yeah, I have to step back sometimes, it is very anxiety-inducing.

See? I knew 'be mad at Trump' would have a resurgence today.

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@KayEllen Yeah! It's like it sets you up for a good day ^.^

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