@LovesTha Yeah, there are huge numbers of very desperate poor people here, and I can only imagine their situations are even worse since covid and lockdown.

Ah, no, they didn't catch him after he ran off -.- We think it's the same guy that stole from my other neighbour's garden a few weeks back.

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The rain a roaring river
pounding dimples in earth
Waves in sheets
that hammer rooftops
flooding gutters that
percuss ripples
in puddles
on sodden ground

What happened: There was a guy in the close on Wednesday asking for food, this morning my neighbour was woken up by the same guy in her garden stealing her hosepipe. She called security who caught him while he was there, they called the police to fetch him, and while waiting for the police to show up, he bolted. I think they still caught him but not sure. Security guy said he's a known thief and gang member.

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Nobody on the street group is answering me about what's going on because they're all to busy standing in the street talking - I went back to bed, didn't even go outside 😂😂

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Ugh 6am wake up by a police car in the street, peekeed blearily through the blinds to see what was going on, some of the neighbours at their gates watching, then some guy bolted from somewhere and they chased him down the street, don't know whose house he was in

I also missed an 'm' in 'immortal' - which fortuitously meant the whole line fit into the ring XD

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Experiment! Some of the lyrics of Cry Little Sister from the Lost Boys movie mandalafied :) It didn't start out meaning to be this so the rings weren't properly spaced for writing with this size nib - spur of the moment art XD

@Skellington Aww, diolch! This is my happy place, either drawing mandalas with fineliners, or doing this calligraphy - I've been doing the former for many years but the latter only a few weeks, and I'm finding the same 'zen' in calligraphy that I do with the mandalas; the slow precise movements are very focusing and calming for me. I'm glad you enjoyed this piece ^.^

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