Took a camera photo of the too since the lens I had on can do reasonable macro. I think it's maritime sunburst lichen. :)

Nikon Z6, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Darktable

My purple tree aeonium shrank back during the hot summer months but with the weather cooling down now it's perking up again :D

Succulent flowers :) The ones on the long stems smell really nice, sweet and honeyish, a bit like jasmine :o

What my aloe strip looked like when it was first broken down and replanted in October, and what it looks like now :D

Was also going to post that this bush is blooming and will be full of bees soon, but the bees are already arriving :D Which means autumn is around the corner, yay!

When I planted these into this pot, the front two were half the size and the back one was mostly yellow. They only get sun first thing in the morning in this spot but they're doing really well, I'll plant them out soon ^.^

I always do the rounds checking on my first thing every morning when I feed the dogs ^.^ My brain (sp. Lithops) wot got eaten by a snail a bit, has recovered and is about to bloom. My aloes are sprouting lots of new growth around the bases, that other big green one was just two small leaves when I replanted it with the aloe in a sunnier spot, and the red cactus thing used to be relatively straight, now it's grown lots of wibblewobbles :D

More beauties on my carrion flower plant 😁 There's another big bud about to bloom, and a few smaller ones coming in too.

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