Experiment! Some of the lyrics of Cry Little Sister from the Lost Boys movie mandalafied :) It didn't start out meaning to be this so the rings weren't properly spaced for writing with this size nib - spur of the moment art XD

Having fun with calligraphy today 😁 Last bits of green ink flowing through after refilling with red, then I was dipping the same pen in purple for the outside.

Being able to calligraphy has sent me mad with power!

CW - lots of naughty words here. I'm not marking as sensitive because it's hard to read them just from the thumbnails.

This was supposed to be an hour-ish long practice piece, but I got a bit carried away and three and a half hours later... XD

The green's a bit brighter than I like, it's pretty dark in the bottle. Oh well.

Materials list in the next toot ^.^

Today's calligraphy practice project, I 'illuminated' part of the Hacker Manifesto from 1986.

(Made two mistakes - I skipped a line in the first paragraph then added it in, so two lines are out of order/swapped around, and towards the bottom I wrote the 'a' in 'may' as a y because my brain was already on the y XD so it looks a bit off.)

I'm getting better with neatness, but it takes a LOT of focus and concentration, so I guess I'm still exercising that.

Daylight pictures ^.^ Bonus catpaw!

If you'd like a high-res digital copy of this for printing and hanging, send me $5 USD to paypal.me/delsdoodles .

I'll also be providing this as a (lower res) printable colouring page in a bit :)

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Ah yes, the classic (cc @Rheall )#calligraphy

Give me some more silly book titles to do :D

Calligraphipotatoing like a bawss!

This is on very rough watercolour paper (it's a postcard, actually!), which makes the lettering quite rough (I won't be able to use the proper calligraphy nib on there, the paper's too fibrous, but the Copic sponge nib thing is fine).

Decorated with some watercolour and gold pen ^.^

Meanwhile, just received notification that my Pilot Parallel is on the way and it's 6km away! Woooooh!

My dick pic in the soft, warm glow of morning's first light. :p

I've also attached a couple of pics of how it scans with the gold - if you'd like to buy a digital print (high res file emailed to you to download and print), send me $5USD and your email address - paypal.me/delsdoodles (or KoFi link in profile) ^.^

It is done! :O Literally all in a day's work XD Though I had a few breaks watching Netflix for an hour here and there.

Bad lamplight pics, I'll take better pics in daylight tomorrow ^.^

Ok, the calligraphy bit came out very messy XD But it won't be so noticeable once the piece is finished. I'm going to colour it like an illuminated manuscript - blue, red, green, and gold.

Complete butts!

If anyone would like to buy a digital print of this ($5 USD, a high res image file for you to download and print), let me know, and I'll scan it :)

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