This has been sitting in a folder for a good two years waiting to be finished X Today was that day! Weee

Windsor & Newton gold gouache and a DaVinci Cosmotop Spin brush size 2/0

Took a Witcher 3 screenshot and used that as a reference for this digital paint in Krita :D 50 minutes on this one. The shadows on the water should be darker but it's okay. ^.^

(Timelapse soon!)

25 minutes in Krita, from a photo reference :) Timelapse coming soon!

Phew! Two hours work and I've finished the outside - I was excited to get it done so that I can start painting it 😁

30 minutes of me working on my big art deco mandala :)

Throw on some relaxing music and have a chill while watching this ^.^

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