Last one, the Litany Against Fear from Dune. A4 size on good quality art paper with archival ink.

$150 USD which includes shipping. Note the postage time disclaimer in the thread above, too.

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These are A4 size. The colourful one is a wiccan chant, then there's the hackers manifesto, a random recipe from some site of old recipes, and two paragraphs of slang words for vagina and penis. :p

$100 USD (which includes shipping) each. First come first serve, reply to grab one.

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Let's see if I can sell some of these pieces :D

Disclaimer, things are taking a few weeks to a couple of months to arrive worldwide from South Africa.

The red one is A4 size, the rest are A5, either on thick white art paper or on Daler Rowney calligraphy paper that's textured and looks like parchment.

$75 USD (which includes shipping) for any of these. Let me know if you want a closer look at any of them.

First come first serve, reply to grab one.

I have a digital workbook, "How to Draw Mandalas" ! It's got worksheets, pattern ideas, templates, and talks you through the basic construction then patterning and detailing, so you can get a foundation in making your own like the hand-drawn mandalas I do ^.^

Then if you liked that, I've got a digital Mandala Inspirations Pattern Book, full of pattern ideas for you to try when filling your mandala petals :D

"Has anyone really" and "Roses are red" calligraphies are now available on my KoFi shop as high-res scans for home printing :)

The "has anyone" one from last night didn't scan very well because of all the gold, so it's on there for free if anyone wants to grab it, with the option to leave a tip :)

Powerthirst meme calligraphy available as high-res PNG download for home printing, as pay what you want starting from the low low price of zero :D

(cc )

Discussing tags over on Curator and thought I'd refresh this over here :D I created the tag I think before .art even existed, after seeing artists feeling guilty about self-promotion and about looking for their art to be supported financially. It was meant to be a tag for people to browse to find art for sale and artists to support, which in turn would make it easier for artists to post their shop links, commissions, etc. , with a dedicated tag for it. :)

prices! This is all for digital work, I'll get you a high res scan that you can print or use your end. Prices in USD.

1-3 large words - $10
4+ large words = $15
One small verse - $20
Several verses on A5 - $25
Several verses on A5 with decorative border - $35
Verses on A4 - $30
Verses on A4 with decorative border - $40

They'll be done in black ink, blackletter font.

DM me first with what you want because I'll have to check what size paper it'll fit on.

I had forgotten about this :) Just found it. If anyone would like to buy (it's original hand drawn), $50 USD for the piece and $65 USD shipping via courier worldwide :) It's A3 size (42 x 30cm).

Here it is on Ko-Fi, and this is a preview of what the scanned image looks like. I had to touch up the sun gemstone digitally so that looks a little different than in the hand-drawn version. :)

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Finished! :D

This is a Carl Sagan quote; "A still more glorious dawn awaits. Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns. The rising of the Milky Way."

Hand-drawn on 300gm smooth heavyweight paper with a variety of pens and inks.

I'll be putting a scanned version (alas it'll lose some of the metallic shine) on my Ko-Fi shop soon for people to buy as a digital print. :)

I'm posting my freebie colouring pages to Ko-Fi now too. If you scroll down to the feed there are two new ones, they're A4-sized print-ready images (if you click into each post, there's a 'hi-res' download button).

I'm keeping these pages free and publicly available, but if you'd like to chuck a buck my way, it's still appreciated. <3 (They're also available on my Patreon as PDF downloads:


:mandala: I've added a few more mandalas to my Ko-Fi shop as digital prints, including the 'gothic cathedral' mandala I drew last night ^.^ :mandala:

These are also now available as high res digital files for you to print your end if you wanted prints - $5 USD to either or , and give me your email addy for me to send the file ^.^

Daylight pictures ^.^ Bonus catpaw!

If you'd like a high-res digital copy of this for printing and hanging, send me $5 USD to .

I'll also be providing this as a (lower res) printable colouring page in a bit :)

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My dick pic in the soft, warm glow of morning's first light. :p

I've also attached a couple of pics of how it scans with the gold - if you'd like to buy a digital print (high res file emailed to you to download and print), send me $5USD and your email address - (or KoFi link in profile) ^.^

Bunch of toots incoming with previews of digital art I have for sale (or scans of hand-drawn that I'm selling as digital files). The idea here is that since posting is shit right now, you can buy a high res digital file from me and print it / get it printed yourself :) All files are $5 base price, tips welcome, payment to :mandala:


This is on postcard sized Hahnemuhle Epxression 300gsm 100% cotton rag paper, and it holds watercolour beauuuutifullyyyyy. It's a treat to work with.

For Sale! $10 USD, I'll give you a high res scan then it'll be sent as a postcard (I'll spray it with fixative but it will otherwise be exposed to the elements).

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