This gold is really nice :D I watered the gouache down a fair bit to make it easier to work with. It's still plenty opaque, and doesn't clog the brush ^.^

Windsor & Newton gold gouache and a DaVinci Cosmotop Spin brush size 2/0

Another tree. Figuring out a style in Krita that I can do relatively quickly. ^.^

Fruit + photo (+) 

My neighbour just gave me some apples and pears over the wall and the color on the apples is amazing :o Her husband is an industrial plumber and does work on all the fruit farms in the area and often gets crates of fruit from them for free that she shares with the street ☺️

One of the pretty speckled pigeons we have nesting in our roof :)

My purple tree aeonium shrank back during the hot summer months but with the weather cooling down now it's perking up again :D

Now my taskbar and icons match my Cyberpunk screenshot wallpaper XD

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