is up! Bright sunny windy morning, but rain coming in this afternoon and possible thunderstorms weeee :D

Here's my new bird bath for the patio - they forgot it when they brought the plants and had to come back with it XD

Patio update! Bricks are done, they're setting overnight then the plants are going in tomorrow :D And the plants got delivered, but they left out the bird bath so they're coming back with that at some point XD

Weee! The umbrella is a sun-blocking one, apparently 90% UV block. Now just need plants and a projector :D

It's done! I can't walk on it until Tuesday evening though XD But yay!

Using my @Krita skills irresponsibly and creating some of the creatures you can make from gene splicing in Let's Build a Zoo XD

Current state of the back garden :D He's coming back tomorrow to put the tiles down on top of this, then can't walk on them for two days, then it's done!

And Jaco suggested we get a projector, so that in the summer when it's hot in the house in the evenings, we can sit outside and project movies onto the white wall (around the corner here) with headphones ^.^

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