I have aloe growing in the front garden and had left it untended for years; it had grown big, then got smothered by long grass that pulled it down and uprooted it. Our gardener started sorting it out for me today :D

I now have two neat rows of baby aloes, and the bigger loose aloes lying on the ground are going to be planted around the back garden next week. Yay!

Food photo: Garden breakfast! Papaya and buttered toast and coffee with a view of the mountains and a beautiful blue sky.

Part of the process :D I'm in the garden of you can hear the bee buzzing 🐝

Nothing like a fresh new nib in your Copic multiliner to remind you about what's good in life 😁

Mum's out walking and sent me this pic. Ferns in the foreground and some blackberry bushes, oaks further back (the forest was all oak before they replanted with pine for the paper industry), and pine further back and up on top. You can just about see a narrow path in the middle of the picture, that one leads down into the valley and across to the waterfall in the distance; she'll continue to the right on a wider path to another waterfall :)

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