My little forest army. I currently have four brown bears, a forest ostard (and one for a mount), and a cougar.

Come and play on our UO server! It's weird and old and janky and supremely fun.

Destructions here:

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@welshpixie I'm a little confused, where do you get the files it needs to play the game?

"Download and launch the client from (we've all been using the classic launcher - the enhanced should work fine too, it's just visual changes).The client should start downloading the game files. You don't need to do anything with it, just tell it where to put the files it's downloading."

This bit :) Download the official launcher, it'll download the game files when you run it.

@welshpixie After trying and trying, it isn't working and giving me some error I don't understand in the terminal but appears to be related to zlib, even though it's installed and there's no gentoo specific instructions sadly, so I don't think I'll be joining y'all anytime soon, sadly.

@arisingvoice aww :( I don't know anything about gentoo alas. You could try it with proton instead? You can add the .exe as a non-steam-game in Steam and then tell it to run with proton :)

@welshpixie To be clear it's the Linux version of ClassicUOLauncher that is giving me the error. Not the Windows Launcher from

@arisingvoice Yeah, you can add that under Steam like I said - if you feel like trying it :)

@arisingvoice Or download the windows version of the ClassicUO Launcher and add that under Steam and tell it to run with Proton

@welshpixie But it's not an .exe so I don't see how proton would change anything?

@arisingvoice Yeah see follow up toot, that's what I meant XD Am not braining well today, hehe

@arisingvoice It definitely exists, it was online yesterday and that's where all of us playing have got the files from - but yeah I can't connect to it either, must be down right now.

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