@welshpixie this honestly reads like someone with gambling problem to me.

@BigShellEvent Yup, and the game is totally rigged to take advantage of that, it's gross.

@welshpixie @welshpixie yup. That shit needs regulation because it will sink the gaming field, once we are (rightfully) seen as predators.

I don't doubt lots of people think "lol who even has $100,000" but the reality is, chances are they don't have it. That's why gambling addiction is a real disease.

@welshpixie @BigShellEvent So much this and the realisation that this "smartphone game" needs the same 400.000gb of harddrive space as all the other "triple a" games nowadays made me nope out of that in an instant.

Guess it's back to when I wanna do some mindless grinding at some point in the future.

@jfml @BigShellEvent Ahh I wish I had better ping to their servers, I love the game but the lag I get in South Africa makes it frustrating :(

@welshpixie @BigShellEvent O no, that's too bad! +__+ It's a great game (but also a massive time sink), though it's also a tad too complex for me, I've been playing it for years and still feel like a total n00b ^__^

@welshpixie why is it even possible to spend $100k on a game

why are people even playing a game where spending $100k makes you significantly more likely to win

guess this has always been true of sports so

there we go



Love the top comment on that article:

"Oh that's handy, I was looking for a new way of describing a First-World Problem and now I've got one. I'll just keep it alongside my complete lack of sympathy."

@welshpixie Torn between "it sucks that game companies exploit people like this" and "people with $100k disposable cash deserve to be exploited"

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