Here you go ^.^ , feel free to use them for anything at all, no attribution necessary.

Made in JWildfire on Linux.

Wait, that was only 12 mins!
Are rendering times still a thing nowadays? (Haven't played with fractals for a while)

@schmidt_fu Yeah, but CPUs are faster these days :D These aren't very big though, they're 1500px square. You can also do GPU rendering on some, and CUDA, which speeds them up significantly.

I'm about to render a 4k one and it'll take significantly longer, I'll time it :D

That's great news, thanks for sharing!
Maybe I'll do some experiments, too.

@welshpixie @schmidt_fu id use cuda if it didnt need an eula and it had a free license o: tomato

@welshpixie did you just put a license on a math function result? those are public domain by definition lmao

@welshpixie I know CC0 is equivalent to public domain, but it is not the same lol <3

@welshpixie oh my stars, I loooooooooove the first one! 😻😻😻

@welshpixie These are lovely!

Also incredible to think that back in the ’80s people were using SIMD parallel supercomputers to do this sort of thing (if I remember correctly)

@transponderings Haaaaaaaaah yep. When I first got into fractals they'd take a good few hours to render.

@welshpixie may i use them to give a slight overlay structure to tge cover if my book?

@welshpixie Do you have by chance the original file i could use in a higher resolution? I sent you a dm on Discord

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