Birbcam is up!

It's weird-ass weather. May is early winter and the weather's been getting colder, then Monday it was 30C, yesterday it was 28, then it clouded in the afternoon, then at night it dropped to 24 then a hot wind blew in and by 10pm it was 26 again, now it's weird and half overcast and stuffy. It's forecast rain so maybe it'll storm? That'd be cool. ^.^

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Mmmmm petrichor.

Big rain on birbcam right now if you want rain sounds :)

@welshpixie you wrote it. And then I inhaled deep and realised I smell it too. Faintly but it's there. Thanks for making me notice <3

@welshpixie raining almlst every afternoon now. Keep forgetting to have an umbrella with me always

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