Ahhh I made a super silly thing! (As if I make any other kind of thing ever)

It's a paperdoll owl cut-out sheet! Print at home, colour, cut out, and have fun dressing your owl :D

High res print-ready PDF here for freeeeee:

You must show me what you make if you use this please please <3 :artcataww:

And thank you @posiputt for posting lots of owls (okay maybe just two) in the .art Discord and inspiring this ;p

I was thinking about this in bed last night when I couldn't sleep, wondering if I can try making other animals within that Owl body shape, then make clothes that fit all of them :D

@welshpixie this is super cute and I’m pretty sure that my little girl cousins will love it! Thank you for sharing <3

@welshpixie is missing those like fold corners to make it stick!

@maloki Oh yeah they had those didn't they! And they always broke off XD XD

@welshpixie It's the cutest thing. I printed it and will color it with the kids I'll babysit tonight.

@welshpixie Turns out the kids were allowed by their mother to play games on their phones. Pft. I'll just keep the owl to myself.

@welshpixie I just handed this to three kids. Let´s see what happens.

(It´s sunny outside, so possibly nothing much)

@welshpixie The girls woke up early today.

User feedback: the owls are great fun! Tiny shoes are fiddly though, even for kid‘s fingers

@welshpixie What if the shoes came attached to a branch the owl sits on? That would make the whole thing easier to handle.

@kgerloff I was just thinking that maybe I can combine the legs and shoes and that would be easier (and you cut them out together,not individually)

@welshpixie That could work. But it would leave the owl with a blank "background" space between its legs.

Attaching the shoes to the legs would take away the shoe model variety.

So all things considered, perhaps the current pattern is the best one.

@welshpixie wow, thank you! I guess I'll do this next! I'd probably love your instance too but I have soooo many accounts :flan_laugh:

@welshpixie every time I see owl art I can't help but think of a CollegeHumor skit called "Woman is Afraid of Owls"

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