Calligrapotato time! Give me your words.

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I'm done now! Check the thread for all the bits I calligraphied :D

@welshpixie “gluten” with any obscenities you can think of

@welshpixie "The edible potato is not the root of the plant. It is the foot of the plant. However, since it's underground, the plant still can't walk."

@maloki @noelle It's pot luck what ink I have in the cartridge in whichever pen :D I had black ink in the bigger pen and this deep red in the smaller one.

@welshpixie @DrMcCoy ::has media hidden by default::


::will leave it alone again tonight::

@welshpixie you should make a generic letter of resignation for people to give when they leave their jobs 😂

@welshpixie that's the best thing I've seen in ages 😂. Next time I leave a job, that's how I'll resign 👍

@balrogboogie Crrromulenttttttt

I love saying that.

Alas I have put my pens away but next time! :D

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