Dang nabbit, one day I'll get this toot right.

Drew another wee skullsnail. Marked sensitive for catoon skull, snail, tiny creepy crawly

And now J points out to me that where I fixed this from 'carroon snail', it now says 'catoon snail' and not 'cartoon snail'... I give up XD

@welshpixie You're welcome. I'm just happy to see someone toot in English :blobcatcoffee:

@BritishGamer Oh, if you have a look in your preferences you can disable different languages from showing up in your feed ^.^

@welshpixie Maybe it's the app I'm using but I don't see that option. The app is called @Tusky .

@BritishGamer I had a quick look in my Tusky and couldn't find it either - @maloki do you know? ^.^

@welshpixie we don't federate with m.s from here, tag the official account instead, because I can't see the message you're replying to. 🙏

@maloki Ah ok, sorry I forgot XD He did tag the Tusky account, was wondering if you can set what languages show up in your feed from Tusky. :)

@welshpixie yeah like if the account is tagged, just let us answer from there. 😅

@welshpixie @BritishGamer
oh hi.

So unfortunately, the language filters on Mastodon are quite janky, so we haven't implemented it in Tusky. It's a client side filter, so the filter is in the Mastodon web app, not the server. I hope this helps and makes sense.

You can however curate who you follow, which I know doesn't help much with the local timeline or federated timeline.

@welshpixie Yeah, I'm going to need that as sticker. Thanks.

@edyother :D

Alas I can't post anything from SA so I can't do it from my side but if you know of a sticker place your side you're welcome to nab the image and get a sticker made from it, hehe.

I may also upload it to Redbubble but I have Redbubble-brain-block right now because it's a hassle XD

@welshpixie Not to nitpick, but it says "catoon skull". ;) Good morning, hon.

@welshpixie have you seen octopuses climbing inside things? I'm now thinking of them climbing into the skull of a long dead diver...

@tattooed_mummy I have! There are some bug larva that make shells from environmental debris too and you can control what they make shells out of if you keep them in a controlled environment, like little coloured pebbles and stuff

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