Birbcam is live!

Come watch the birds in my South African garden enjoying a feast of seeds and peanuts and nectar <3 It's relaxing!

@welshpixie Lovely cam, watched for a while and it's so relaxing!!

@transpanda Yay, thank you! I'm glad ^.^ The street's been a bit noisy this week, two neighbours across the road have been having work done on their houses / yards - but it's usually nice and quiet here, it's a cul-de-sac :)

@welshpixie aaw that's a shame, Im currently watching a pigeon throw seed all over the place, hogging the bowl.

@transpanda I like when they sit on top of the seed tray and precariously try to peck seed from the feeder hanging overhead, which is exactly the same seed as the stuff they're standing on XD

@welshpixie that's exactly my thoughts, it looks like so much effort. Maybe it's the effort that makes the seed seem better. Like how peanuts taste better from the shell 😂

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