Fuzzbutt says 'Caption Your Media!' :D

(If you have handwriting like mine, this is essential ;p)

@welshpixie my handwriting is like if someone heard of the term handwriting but was more flexible about the term "writing"...

and possibly the term "hand"

@welshpixie I like your font!
Also I kinda want a fuzzbutt plushy now 😅

@welshpixie Two things that don't get mentioned often enough in this context: the OCR built in to the Mastodon web interface, and an offline OCR utility for Android. They're not a panacea, but they help make the worst case (text in images) easy to handle.

@tfb @welshpixie yea, this is one of the things that I'm surprised still isn't available in twitter. aren't they supposed to be experts machine learning stuff?

@welshpixie I forgot handwriting was a thing for a second there. Really beautiful curves btw.

@welshpixie is there a way to read those captions or how an image indicates there is a caption

total newbie to mastodon, here

@semiotic_pirate Hi! If you're on a computer, hovering your mouse over the image should show it. If you're on a phone app, I think usually a long press on the image will show the caption :)

@welshpixie It really is lovely being right away presented with accessablity info. :catjam:

@welshpixie ok but your handwriting is some of the most legible handwriting I have ever seen xD

(not a case against alt text, just a comment on the handwriting)

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