Practicing neatness with blackletter. Focusing on getting all the letters properly aligned and the same height with good spacing.

Of the three lorem imsum sentences, the first is textualis/textura, the second is the more ornate fraktur, and the third is the curvier rotunda. Fraktur looks a bit messy this small, and I'm not as practiced with rotunda as I am textura.

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Also I'm doing this with my desk properly inclined instead of flat and it helps loads with neatness 😁

How much incline do you use? I use a board between the edge of the table and my lap, and whatever range of angles that allows (1 angle, that's it).

I had fantasized buying a full A1, articulated drafting stand. There are some cheap, not so great versions available here. But, the size of my room means I would be permanently barricading myself in with it. :-\

@welshpixie These are nice. I think they go for the lower 5 figures here.
I had something more barebones, like this 👇 in mind. Eventually, that is.

@arefgee Nice :D :D I think you can get ones that attach to the wall and fold out too.

@welshpixie Yeah probably. But, it's a rented house, with crumbling walls. I'd rather stay off the walls.
The board is working for now.

@welshpixie 1940s? I wonder what happened approximately in 1940.

@Riedler I didn't continue because I ran out of room, but "and for the German language until the 1940s, when Hitler's distaste for the supposedly "Jewish-influenced" script saw it officially discontinued in 1941."

@welshpixie wait, I thought he actively pushed Fraktur as the "true German script"?

Do the capitals have a particular style, or is it something the author has freedom to play with?

I don't know if 'author' is correct. Scribe, perhaps?

@mikshaw they do have a style according to the script yeah, but they can be played with within that style

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