Got emailed that a domain I have on auto-renew is going to come off in a week. I remembered we probably paid last year with a card that's since expired, so looked in the dashboard, no way to add a new card or see which card is on the system. Contacted them. "The way to add a new card is to make a payment with the new card then it gets saved." But the payment is going to auto-renew with the old card. That's some finnicky shit XD (I sorted it out, don't need advice, just highlighting weird system)

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@welshpixie I'm curious how you managed to resolve it. That seems a mess.

@eishiya Cancelled the autorenew and just paid the renewal a week early via EFT.

@welshpixie Ah. Somehow my brain blanked on the possibility of just turning off autorenew |D

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