Being able to calligraphy has sent me mad with power!

CW - lots of naughty words here. I'm not marking as sensitive because it's hard to read them just from the thumbnails.

This was supposed to be an hour-ish long practice piece, but I got a bit carried away and three and a half hours later... XD

The green's a bit brighter than I like, it's pretty dark in the bottle. Oh well.

Materials list in the next toot ^.^

Calligraphy done with Pilot Parallel pens. Red, green, and black ink are Ecoline watercolour inks, the copper is a Krylon leafing pen, the thin gold lines are an Edding gold fineliner, and the other gold bits are Daler Rowney gold ink. The paper is 190gm mixed media paper.


I don't think Pilot will use these manuscript to illustrate the power of their Parallel pens 🤣

@valhalla @welshpixie

The day capitalists will discover that profanity will bring more money than Padre Pio will be a funny day 🤣

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