Why explain something in two sentences when a 20 minute rambling video tutorial will suffice

@welshpixie why have an informed opinion, when you could have... viewers!?

@welshpixie you'll never drive an engagement like that. But first, a word from our sponsors, have you ever wondered why y

@g1comics @welshpixie I swear, if I see another bloody "" ad I'm secretly mailing them strands of my bush!

@Juju See, stuff like that, I don't mind as a video. Videos helped immensely when I was learning to crochet. But things like 'how to enable this feature on this software' that's just a matter of 'click here then here then here', I much prefer written down.

@welshpixie They always talk so much, I just need them to show me how to do the stitch slowly once. That video doesn't need to be 7 minutes long xD

@Juju @welshpixie Some of those long crafty videos are also nice to watch in full as entertainment (but then one probably needs to watch again just the tutorial bits to actually learn), but software... UGH

@welshpixie I think social media has destroyed many peoples' attention spans :(

@fraggle I dunno about attention spans - I just don't want to sit through a 20 minute video of someone waffling for 18 of those minutes before finally showing the solution, when it would be far more efficient and comprehensible for me to just read the solution, had it been written down instead of presented in a video format.

When I'm looking for a tutorial on anything I avoid the video links. There is a minimum threshold of time they need to fritter away in order to be even elidgible for micro payments from goog. That's why they stretch it out.
Also, I can absorb information by reading faster than by listening. Therefore, I also prefer transcripts over audio files.

@Gemlog @welshpixie all good points. i'm currently looking at this issue from the reverse perspective: I want to put together a tutorial (to help non-technical users use git to contribute to a project) and kind of feel like it will have to be a video tutorial. it's not something I've ever done before but I have this suspicion that no matter how simply or clearly written, if I ask people to read something, a good portion of them are going to get scared off

Please be sure to go slow and Talk vs playing thrash metal for the audio track! ;-)
Seriously though, vids of people using guis are quite hard to follow without commentary. I didn't mean to imply that all tutorial vids are pointless, sorry.

@Gemlog @welshpixie hehe don't worry, I hate dubbed on music as well so I definitely won't be doing that. but it's somewhat intimidating because I've never done a video with any kind of commentary before, I'm a bit shy about people hearing my voice and it's certainly not a medium I naturally gravitate towards - i'm much more comfortable writing a doc.

It's normal - I'm given to understand. I've heard professional broadcasters and presenters say they cringe at the sound of their own voice. I'm sure you'll be fine.

@fraggle @Gemlog @welshpixie in my experience

- the people who are scared off by text are more likely to slide into your menchies about it, while those scared off by long video tend to just move on

- the opinions of the latter are usually much more valuable

- some things really *do* need a video, or at least a visual, to avoid miscommunication, but these can almost always be dealt with by unnarrated <5s clips with descriptions

@welshpixie Nothing on this earth has made me appreciate the lessons I learned in my technical writing course more than scanning through a twenty minute video for a thirty second solution

@welshpixie youtube absolutely buries short vids. never appear in recommendations, hardly ever in search results.

Like famous channels like Gus Johnson or Ryan George who make shorter videos (but not the new wannabe TikTok "Shorts" bs) have videos in the 30sec-3min range that have many millions of views, but if you see a vid of theirs, none of those will be recommended, and you'll see instead long vids of theirs that have way less views.

@cadadr I know. I just think these kinds of things should skip a video altogether, but people want views and likes and subs, and you don't get that from a few sentences of text and a comment box.

@welshpixie relevant thing, kinda: I have read somewhere, don't remember where, that YouTube has become *the* search engine for a lot of people. Guess maybe that's because it's pretty difficult to cut thru SEO hack websites when searching web?

@cadadr Yeah :( Web SEO and algorithms in general do not favour short tutorial/instructional articles :(

@cadadr It's like those recipe blogs that always have a long-ass preamble before getting to the recipe; it's because Google ranks them higher than if they just had the recipe.

@welshpixie @cadadr Sometimes it's interesting to have the long preamble before the recipe or the tutorial. The problem here is really Google pushing those videos in our face when we are just looking for the quick solution.

Google (the search engine) makes more money showing results from its own websites (YouTube) and even more if the the video is long.

So I guess the solution is to stop using Google search. (But duckduck and Bing aren't really better…)

@welshpixie @cadadr Can we being back the old web where someone made a website that had just recipes or just tutorials without the need to monetize it?

@welshpixie a single vine of someone explaining it in 6 seconds would still be infinitely preferable

Inside you there are two wolves. One says "why say lot word when few word do trick". The other says this toot.

@welshpixie 'Art vlog' are also notorious for this. 2 hours of ASMR mumbling for just a kindergarten style house on a hill at the end. Many hours have I spent patiently watching those develop.

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