@sohkamyung @welshpixie I know people who are left-handed who do calligraphy: they usually have to find a position that works for them to write without risking to smear the calligraphy, but I've heard that there are a few such positions.

There are also special pens, but from what I've heard not everybody is happy with them and many prefer regular pens.

@valhalla @sohkamyung For some reason I didn't get this toot! I have no idea though so I shall defer to Elena's knowledge here :D

@valhalla @sohkamyung instagram.com/p/CUzN5sQjnAD/ found a left-handed calligraphist who's using the same pen I've been using :) (Pilot Parallel)

@Gemlog @welshpixie
Yes, yes, yes!\(^^)/ I love anything with handwriting! 🖊♡

I remembered :-)
One day, not knowing a carnation flower was only for mothering sunday in japan, I gave you a carnation. But you knew I didn't know that and forgave me. You made an ink drawing of the flower on a card and lettered it beautifully as well. I still have that card, of course.
You are the best daughter in-law I never had.

@welshpixie @aolog Now I am cooking breakfast and thinking of okonomiyaki vs the bacon and eggs I'll be having ;-)

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