@welshpixie dang you're a quick study, this is already 900x better than yesterdays.

@bartholin is that just a response or something you want calligraphied 馃榿

@welshpixie looks great :D

You might find this article about swearing throughout the ages interesting: interesly.com/medieval-swearin

@welshpixie The grammar tho 馃槵

(This is why I can't do "the dice giveth and the dice taketh away," it's like medieval Popeye going "the dice gives and the dice takes away, hyug-ug-ug-ug").

@welshpixie (I have just realized: One of the under-appreciated traumas of being [partially] raised in an extremely conservative Christian denomination is that reading enough KJV gives you a pretty good grasp of Early Modern English grammar. I got no beef with Quakers and their universal non-declension of "thee" for some reason, but I need me my verbal concord.)

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