Please, can I use this image for a slideshow I'm making for an evening to promote Mastodon?

It will be about the different type of censorship used on Mastodon: you can post an ACAB and nobody complains (actually the most of us will give you a ⭐), but responsible users will self-censor themselves by adding a CW on a non-veg dish or an eye-contact.

@welshpixie amazing

also I don't know why I am surprised you are so incredibly skilled at calligraphy when making beautiful things is literally your job but every time I see a page of your calligraphy I'm like 😮!

@welshpixie how about writing out a bunch of HTML / CSS / JAVASCRIPT in ye olde writing and seeing how many people it glitches?

@welshpixie Sorry to distract from the important message but is this your lettering? it’s gorgeous! Do you have resources on how you can learn that?

@lukas it is mine! :D I started here, it's a good guide with free printable worksheets: jakerainis.com/blog/learning-blackletter-alphabets/

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