Complete butts!

If anyone would like to buy a digital print of this ($5 USD, a high res image file for you to download and print), let me know, and I'll scan it :)

@welshpixie @nev hello yes hi I am from Canada and I would like to buy your butts

@gnomon @nev Hello good day from South Africa you may buy my butts for the low low price of $5 USD buttbucks \o/

I'm about to go to bed, I'll scan it tomorrow morning (in around 8 hours) - you can pay at if that's okay, and DM me an email addy or include it in a note on paypal ^.^

@welshpixie blurgh, I have failed to discover a way to send monetary units through that mechanism without opening a Paypal account, which I am loathe to do.

I'm going to try the ko-fi link thingy though, I'll ping back again if that succeeds

@welshpixie I want a digital print. I know someone who would consider it the perfect present I think

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