There's 86 images in there so far - frames, borders, dividers, random ornamentation, illustrated letters.

It's free, but you can also leave a tip ^.^

I'll add more as I trace more things :)

@welshpixie oh you are a saint, I've wanted references like this for a long time

@welshpixie oh, that second one has details that kinda looks like a fantasy map to me. It'd be wild to have dividers with stylized crops of maps injected into them.

I would've loved to have used one of them on my breakup letter to my ex, so I'll save it for any future occasions! Thank you for sharing!! :blobcatheart:

@welshpixie Would you be interested in a PR with the decorations I traced for the old openclipart? if they are up to your standards, of course (and if you want to keep the repo with just your own things, it's fine).

You can see them here (together with a few unrelated things)

@valhalla Yeah!! You can stick them in their own folder with your name on or something? I don't really know how to git so not sure if my permissions on there are set up correctly but you can try XD

@welshpixie I've created a fork + pull request, which is something that doesn't require any permission on your repository.

@valhalla Oh, do you have a paypal/kofi/libera or anything? Only fair I add your info in since mine is in the readme too :)

@welshpixie @valhalla

When I'll have some spare time (i.e. when days will have 36+ hours) I'll try to write the copy&paste HTML code for who want to embed the simplest drawings directly into a web page.

For who is concerned about the health of the web server, embedded SVG images prevent a second call to the server, with further traffic, logs and so on.
And they can be visualized even if the page is seen as local file!

@welshpixie these look really awesome! thanks for sharing.

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