Opinions on VR - is the HTC Vive (the 5 years old one) still worth using for videogames? Don't want Occulus because you need a bookfarce account to use them now I think, and the HTC Vive Focus is apparently more tailored for business stuff, not gaming?

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@welshpixie My roommate has a Vive. I asked him about it. He says he hasn't used it in a while, but he likes it, and that it's a better cost tradeoff than the Index.

"Most VR games are stupid expensive and have about 2-3 hours of gameplay, so I don't have many"

Note that he tears through games, though, so realistically that might be 4-9 hours

@gappleto97 Gotcha, thank you! A few of the games we play have VR modes so we'll probably just do that ^.^

@welshpixie I've had a Vive since shortly after launch, and I don't use it a ton (I don't do that much gaming in general) but I do break it out now and again because it really is a different experience, it adds a lot to some games, and makes other games possible that just wouldn't really work otherwise. There's also games where the VR doesn't really add much imo, so it's hit and miss. I play Tetris Effect in and out of VR depending on the mood, for instance 😄

As for other options I've been considering upgrading to the Index for the controllers and resolution, I don't usually notice the OG Vive resolution/screen door effect but it does pop up from time to time. But both of those feel like just nice to have upgrades that haven't quite felt worth it yet. It's a shame about Oculus and Facebook but I agree with you, I haven't tried it but the Quest seems like a nice middle ground if not for the bookface nonsense.

@cincodenada Thanks, that's helpful! They're all difficult to get here (South Africa), there's one store that stocks the Vive Focus Plus but as I understand it, that's more for business use than gaming. Have found an original Vive on a second hand website for a reasonable price, just waiting to hear if it's still available XD

@welshpixie Yeah I figured it might be hard to get from SA, but at least the Index release works out well for you in that regard, since it should lead to more folks upgrading and looking to sell their old kit 🙂 I don't know if this is any easier to acquire, but you can order new face foam either from Valve or various third parties, which helps freshen up a second-hand unit!

Also if you happen to find one with the deluxe headstrap, I think it's well worth it. Certainly not necessary, but a noticeable improvement.

@cincodenada Found a store the other side of the country that's a big arcade (as in, games arcade) that sell second hand headsets and they have a Vive Pro with the deluxe audio strap :D

@welshpixie Oh rad, that's a nice find, both the shop and the Vive! I'd forgotten about the Vive Pro, it has a nice resolution bump that didn't seem quite worth the price hike when it was released, but the second-hand part changes that considerably. Plus it's blue, right? 😄

@welshpixie Oh nice, I didn't realize that! A screen strapped to your face seems like a great use case for being able to actually turn the pixels off and get some true darkness 😃

@cincodenada Seller just contacted me - we were waiting on replacement base stations because the ones they had were dodgy - they just got two brand new Cosmos's in and they're sending us one for the same price rather than wait on the base station replacements :D

@welshpixie Ooh nice! That's exciting, the flip-up visor seems like a nice perk 😄

@cincodenada And no base stations - it's all done from the headset :O

@welshpixie I'd be glad to answer other questions and/or recommend games to look into - there's a neat space of environmental/visual experimental and story-type games that seem like they might be up your alley. Off the top of my head Moss is a charming little storybook puzzle, Big Breezy Boat is a nice chill ungame, Cosmic Sugar is a simple but free game to play with colors and such, Tilt Brush and Quill are interesting art outlets.

@cincodenada Oh that sounds cool! Jaco's more into puzzle games than I am, so that seems like stuff he'd enjoy - I like unceremoniously smashing things, or relaxing things like fishing. I think at least one of the fishing games I play has VR, I think Eurotruck / American truck does, and I recently grabbed House Flipper which also has VR. And Beat Saber is something I'd enjoy I think ^.^

@welshpixie Yes, I think it's still worth it. I'm still using mine in fact.

I do prefer using index controllers instead of the vive-wands. And the deluxe strap is a really good addition. But it's totally fine in the standard version.

I have thought about upgrading to pro, because of the higher resolution and amoled screens, but money.

@ser8phin Thank you! I found a good deal on a second hand pro with the deluxe audio strap, so yay :D

@welshpixie tldr: the old vive is still worth it, new vive headsets arent worth it. consider the valve index if your budget allows, or something like the HP reverb g2. theres no good budget options because Facebook is evil

the OG vive has held up better than any other headset from its time, still recommendable IMO. vive as a headset company now is fairly mediocre. and yeah all new oculus headsets (I.e. you bought them new, includes older headsets from before the Facebook merge like the rift S) need a Facebook account

unfortunately the best option for a headset IMO is the valve index, but its expensive. if youre ok with Facebook the quest 2 is a good choice on paper but even if you dont mind FB I cant recommend it in good conscience

@rats Thank you! Should have also mentioned I'm on Linux and the only one with support is the Vive XD But I've found a good deal on a second hand Vive Pro with the deluxe audio strap :D

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