I want to make a game that has a visual element, doesn't have to be animated (I'll do the drawing), click-interactions, dialogue, currency, inventory. I can't code, and I have a really *really* hard time trying to wrap my head around programming any time I've tried it, to the point of getting so frustrated I shut down, so that's not an option. I just don't have logic-brain. Is there a tool that would suit my needs? *Please* don't reply 'just learn programming', that doesn't help.

Ooh, also, should have mentioned I'm on Linux :D

Update: I'm going to have a go with Godot and see how that works since I see it has some visual node scripting stuff now ^.^

@welshpixie hmmm, would Twine work? not 100% sure because i think it's more of an "interactive fiction" maker than a real "game creator," but it might be worth a look

@balrogboogie Ah nah, I've used Twine before and I think what I want to do is just beyond its limits :D I've made a bunch of IF in Twine though!

@welshpixie Construct3 has visual scripting - haven't used it myself so I can't comment on how the experience is.

Godot also has visual scripting, and I have tried it, but it is basically the same as regular programming imo. A lot of working in Godot is putting together "nodes" that do what you want so you can do a surprising amount without writing code, but hard to avoid logic when it comes to making games really...

@welshpixie Oh yeah here's another one I came across:

Again, I haven't tried it, but it claims that there is no coding required.

@welshpixie I struggle at the same problem, I was doing research about Unity + Playmaker, the game The First Three was made without a single line of code, with playmaker.

I also looked up on Godot Node Visual Script, and Game Maker Studio with their implementation of visual scripting.

Although I still have problems with logic to connect the nodes tho :angery:

@danieltolentino I suck hardcore at logic XD I can do simple interactive fiction with a small selection of 'paths', but the logic gets too complicated for me pretty quick, heh.

@welshpixie same here, I keep this thread updated if I found anything useful. I recommend you look these options and try if they can be helpful

@danieltolentino I had a look at Playmaker, but I think I'll try something like Godot first because it's free 😂

@welshpixie yeah, and open source too, and just 30MB!
GameMaker it's also free, but it has some licensing limitations, for publishing in certain platforms etc.

Godot give you full control and ownership of your own game, so...

@welshpixie It's very rudimentary (as in, it basically links web pages into a choose-your-own-adventure style thing) and might not cover everything you want without some code, but Twine might be a start?

@Sarklor I'm familiar with Twine, made a few IFs in it :D What I want to do is a bit beyond it I think, hehe

@welshpixie Ah poop. Well, I've only experience in the RPG Maker series beyond that, and I think they're Windows only. Hope you find something.

@welshpixie renpy maybe? it's not 100% code-free but the scripting language is designed to be friendly to people who don't want to write code.

also, unity, unreal and godot all have visual scripting functionality, so you can add logic without having to write code. probably worth trying, if only because there's tons of introductory tutorial material available for those platforms

@welshpixie There is also Twine - I don't know if that would cover the sort of thing you have in mind.


@welshpixie They self-describe as "Markup, not programming: Text comes first, code and logic are inserted within."


@emacsomancer @welshpixie @aparrish This is pretty cool, but I just can't find the compiler on Fedora 34.

@emacsomancer Isn't that just the IDE? I mean the compiler, since I'm using Emacs for the editing.

@devinprater I only played with it a little bit, but the editor seems to have the compiler built-in: I was able to export to HTML and have it work, just using that binary.

I haven't poked at it enough to know how to talk to the compiler separately, but even in the worst case scenario you could edit in Emacs and just open in the Inky app to compile.

@devinprater (and the Inky download includes the "inklecate" binary at ./resources/app.asar.unpacked/main-process/ink/inklecate_linux )

@emacsomancer @aparrish Looks like that's just for stories? I essentially want to make a full 2D game with graphics, inventory management, commerce, interacting with visuals in the environment

@welshpixie I mean, they use it for their own graphical games. But, admittedly, I don't know the details of how ink interfaces with the graphical bits.


@aparrish I'm looking at Godot now - I thought it needed coding but I do see it has some amount of visual scripting so that might be okay :D

@welshpixie @aparrish the thing that came to mind, even though it's not visual at all, is the very old-school Adventure Game Toolkit, where you could basically edit some structured text files and get a functioning adventure game. i really wonder what, if anything, the modern equivalent is for stuff with visuals...

does fit in here somewhere?

@welshpixie exactly what do you need it to do? if you're looking for something a visual novel can do there are easy builders for that. same for if you're trying to do an RPG

@Runner What I want is beyond the scope of Twine, I've used that a bunch for a few IFs. I want a 2D game, gathering different groups of materials from nodes, holding them in your inventory, selling them or giving them to NPCs as part of quests, dialogue, scene changes, and upgrading of tools/machinery/something

@welshpixie have you considered something akin to a visual novel? Tyranoscript builders are a thing and there's plugins to be able to have inventories and what not.

also things like gamemaker and construct and godot have modes that let you figure out logical connections without typing code.

@welshpixie it's really dependant on how you envision going from scene to scene, controlling the player, etc.

@Runner From all the replies I'm getting I should have stipulated in the post that I don't want to make a visual novel, hehe XD Godot looks like it might work though, I hadn't realised it has visual scripting stuff and doesn't necessarily need code

@welshpixie there's also nintendo's game builder garage or Dreams on playstation but those have somewhat different approaches.

@Runner Ah yeah - I'd want something that lets me export to at least Win/Mac/Penguin and I can't see Nintendo or PS stuff allowing that XD

@welshpixie I'm not sure whether it fits the description, but maybe ren'py?

It's an engine for visual novels, but it has also been used for simple sim games, so it's possible that currency and inventory are feasible.

I'm not sure how much its scripting counts as programming, however.
@welshpixie also, wow, either friendica has been slow at getting replies, or there has been a LOT of them while I wrote that post.

@valhalla Oh yeah, got inundated with responses and hadn't replied to this one! I'd forgotten about ren'py, I'll definitely have a look - I think I'll check out Godot first though as it has some degree of visual node scripting stuff that's code-less ^.^

@welshpixie or maybe gbstudio? It uses a graphical block like algorithm style.

@ckeen Oh that looks fun! I'll check it out, thank you :D

@welshpixie I think it will not work without programming. The logic behind the interactions will have to be defined with short scripts.

Years ago when the Blender game engine wasn't completely obsolete i used their logic bricks. But only for a short time until i ended up with Python again.

My recommendation is the Godot engine. Izabela Latak-Grzesik @rejke does very nice things with this game engine.

Another possibility is, you work together with a human who does the programming.

@kandid @rejke Yeah, I'm looking at Godot now since it has some degree of visual nodes to do stuff. Push comes to shove, my partner has said he wants to learn Godot and he's a programmer so he can potentially help me if/when I get stuck XD

@welshpixie @rejke
Some years ago borrowed the german version of this book in the public library in Stuttgart: Jesse Schell, The Art of Game Design. It is very expensive. But was the best i ever read on how to make a game.

@welshpixie I'm hesitant to suggest this because I don't think it meets your request, but it might be relevant? If not, please accept my apologies! Twine lets you write IF games via simple markup that work in web browsers, with a browser-based editor. Deep currency/inventory systems do require coding, which is why I suspect it might not work for you, but just in case I'm wrong, there it is.

@rowens Ah I'm familiar with twine, have used it for a bunch of IFs, what I want to do is more fully fledged 2D game - that's a bit beyond twine :D

@welshpixie is it any specific genre? Because there's genre tools like RPG Maker (last time I used it, the coding was done through what it called 'switches') and Ren'Py (requires scripting in a kinda python lite. Can be used for phoenix wright like games as well. Anything extra takes modding the software).

Elsewise... I used to use Construct. There's a new version which I've not used. It codes in English, so useful for learning code concepts without learning code. (Cont...)

@welshpixie oops I didn't see all the replies already XD gdi I should read the thread! Anyway, with Construct I found that coding a dialogue system was the hardest thing, as back then there was no built in stuff for it. (Don't know if anyone has made one for newer versions). So it can be difficult/require some tech knowledge to make stuff. If you're OK with prototyping bits and pieces though, it's fine. :D

@bentosmile 2D semi-idler casual game with little interactions for gathering resources (collecting material, maybe fishing/mining/harvesting -type interactions), resource management, inventory, a simple building component a bit like Spiritfarer, NPCs and dialogue interactions, quests. Art will probably be flat 2D non-animated scenes, stuff that's within my skillset XD

@welshpixie Have you tried any kind of visual programming systems? Visual programming might be easier for you. Alternatively, RPGmaker might work, though I'm sure there's something better for your specific goals that I just don't know about.

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