Playing The Ascent. It's a really fracking pretty game.

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@welshpixie Is it enjoyable otherwise as well? I found it when looking for non-(medieval)fantasy ARPs, didn't know it's out now

@jfml It came out yesterday I think :) Yeah it's good, especially for such a small team. It's not *incredible* or anything, but it's perfectly enjoyable. Combat is entirely weapons based and revolves around picking some gun types you like and then upgrading them lots as you progress. Standard ARPG otherwise, shoot baddies, smash crates, open chests, get loot :D There's a main quest and you can pick up bunches of side missions.

@welshpixie Cool, that sounds exactly like what you'd expect from a descent (ascent? +___+) ARGP. I'm gonna check it out, thanks ^__^

@jfml Ooh, also, you don't select from pre-made characters / classes - you customise from either a male or female base character and then build your character as you go, there are no classes ^.^ And as well as finding weapons and armour in game, you find things like t-shirt skins, and you can visit an NPC in the town to tweak your character's full appearance at any time, which is really nice and I wish CP2077 let you do that XD

@welshpixie Oh nice, that sounds like a lot more customisation options that your usual ARPG.

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