Birbcam's up! Gardener has just been and he's moved the birb-baff into the scene :D

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@welshpixie oh, you got the same weather as we here in Germany currently have!

@welshpixie They're not very tidy. The seeds are falling onto the ground.

@loke They do that to get to their preferred seed from the mix, heh - shove everything else away. It gives the birds on the ground something to eat though ^.^

@welshpixie Do you have a collector or something below? Won't rodents get to it otherwise?

@welshpixie Looks very green for Winter. Looks like Swedish summer actually.

@loke Our summers here are dry and yellow - stuff can only really grow in winter when there's rain :)

@welshpixie what to watch at 9am - birbs, or the "I'll write your name on my forehead for 200 tokens" woman on the other side, decisions decisions :meowthinking:

@welshpixie if you ever spot that I'm so hard up I'm asking people for virtual coins to write stuff on my tits, come over and shoot me

@welshpixie the bird bath is in a funny location under that shrub, does it get many birds? mine mostly gets pigeons, who would probably not splash/fight in it if it was under a bush

@ak The gardener *just* moved it there this morning so we'll see :D

@ak It also needs to be in a semi shaded place in the summer anyway or the water just evaporates instantly

@welshpixie I have that problem too but I just keep going and filling it back up on hot days

I'm glad we're back to northern weather, it's 18 degrees inside today which is about right for me, that bit where the big glowing thing was in the sky was scary

@ak They're using it :D Just saw a pigeon drinking from it, and they're using it as a perch too ^.^

@welshpixie I missed it because I walked to Morrisons, I was having an anxiety attack so I decided to get some fresh air and exercise

My reward was that they were selling four big fat cream cakes for £2 so RIP my waistline

@ak oooooooo cream cakes! Enjoy! Hope your anxiety's better :(

@welshpixie Morrisons is great for that stuff, they still have a fishmonger and baker and things in the shop

It's about to be sold off to some American hedge fund so RIP all those expensive staff, no doubt it'll go shit like Asda

@welshpixie They're buying Morrisons but they don't actually have the money to buy Morrisons - their plan is to take it over, and then sell the shops which are mostly freehold and rent them back to Morrisons and use that cash to buy it

So Morrisons is paying for Americans to buy Morrisons, and then in a few years once they've asset stripped it the chain will go bust because of all the debts and unnecessary rental payments

See toots passim about money flying around and us never seeing any of it

@ak This isn't showing for me but I think the problem is my end, so in case it works for you, here's the pigeons on the bird bath :)

@welshpixie It worked for me! Wait until they start fighting in there

Your pigeons are being quite vicious this past few days, I've spotted them fighting on the little seed tray in particular, really taking chunks out of each other

@ak Yeah, it's mating season so they're being a bit more territorial than normal.

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