Good article via my mum @leebee, we were talking about how people used to call house to house offering to sharpen your knives and scissors and mend your umbrellas :D

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@welshpixie I don't know why the rag and bone man is on a website about the 1900s

We have them here in 2021, with horse and carts, they are common all over urban Yorkshire

@ak Oh nice! I grew up with them in the Rhondda too so they were definitely around post 80s :D

@ak Yay! I can't remember ours having a horse, just remember hearing 'Bones! Bones!' and the little bell echoing from the lanes between the houses ^.^ @leebee was there a horse?

@welshpixie @leebee We have two - one of them shouts "rag! bone!" in a way that makes it sound more like Kryten saying smeghead - "raaaa! boooh!"

The other sings a jaunty little "any old iron? any old iron? any-any-any old iron?" song

@welshpixie @ak yes most definitely, but they did do away with it later and replace it with a lorry. Not sure when, but not that long back.

@leebee @welshpixie Ours parks his horse and cart in Lidl's car park, goes in, gets some lunch for himself and some cheap veg for the horse to munch on

@welshpixie @leebee We still have mobile knife sharpeners here, but they go fabric-store-to-fabric-store, and sporting-goods-store-to-sporting-goods-store. (And there's one at a booth in the flea market, which is where a lot of those sorts of things have landed.)

We had a local guy who drove a big ole Rover with a boot full of videos to rent. No questions asked, except for when the next batch of new films is coming! I was definitely too young to watch Robocop which is why it's still one of my fav sci-fi films.

@wordsmith @welshpixie yea we had people like that here 😊. I remember one chap would go around the pubs and clubs with joints of meat for sale. And it was common for the same pubs and clubs to do a weekly raffle with joints of meat as a prize 😁

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