I love that masto is just full of people taking the piss out of crypto and NFTs now

Verily these are my people

@welshpixie @zens NFT is a really really dumb concept. outside of artist recognition, imho. but …. wherein artist recognition is moot because recognition for selling to fools, i dont know, i still have this jaded viewpoint of it, my dad tried to explain it rationally, but i still think it relies fully on antiquated supply side economics ie scarcity, greed, and lust. and those are not things i wish to perpetuate into the future of this world. they’re all wholly unnecessary..

@welshpixie @zens there are plenty of resources enough, there are management problems with antiquated structures of towering stupidity and waste, and yes i mostly mean policy and governance, but i’m not going to solve that unless they start asking, and even then i dont know much more than common sense. one thing i do know for certain, representative government does not scale, and crypto is a fools errand.. it’s an interesting system as a medium, but no ‘mo betta’ than cash, or pebbles n twigs.

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