@welshpixie What's the tower block half way up the mountain? It looks like an evil dictator's secret lair from a film

@ak That's exactly what it is!!

It's a hydroelectric plant, there's a reservoir on top of the mountain :)

@welshpixie I've been inside one of those in Scotland, you go down into the mountain and they've hollowed it out and filled it with hydro gubbins, it's so cool


I thought this was a very poor bootleg copy of the Eagles Hotel California album 馃榿
Every one rushes to check that album art 馃槈

@welshpixie Wow. I teally envy you folks living at the seafront. The always changing light and weather, the sounds and smells. Amazing. (Zombie fog included).

@eyeling Yeah, it's nice :) Can't see the sea from where we are but we're a few minutes walking distance away. Very often the wind blows in over the sea and I can smell it from the house ^.^ This is our street and where the sea is :D

@welshpixie A bit of safe distance can't hurt when it comes to Poseidon (and climate change). Do you have much sea life around your area? Seals, puffins or some whale sightings in summer? I've only been to Northern Wales and Cornwall and both were overwhelmingly beautiful.

@eyeling Ah I'm in South africa :D Seals, dolphins, whales, sharks...

@welshpixie I DID think that satellite image wasn't quite right for a Welsh climate zone. 馃ぃ
Should have read your profile...
That list is impressive. Again with the envy...

@eyeling :D Oh and penguins! There are two penguin colonies within driving distance of us, which is fun, and there's a busy Right Whale migration spot about an hour's drive away (look up Hermanus if you want to read about it). Also dassies/rock hyraxes, baboons, leopards, cheetahs, lynx, caracal, a few kinds of snakes, loads of lizards, and many many very cool birbs \o/

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