News just in!! I found my bodkin, in a place where I thoroughly searched for it *three times* without finding it there -.-

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@welshpixie *cats sit in the corner of the room giggling, having placed it there in the middle of the night*

@welshpixie To ensure you don't lose it again, use your new glue gun to glue it to something

Perhaps a cat

@ak This is an excellent idea and I foresee nothing at all going wrong with this masterplan

@welshpixie This is why I'm a Master of Planning

(Seriously. My degree is an MPlan, Master of Planning)


Slinking, silent, thin,
It stayed out while you were in.
Dry, spry, wry, sly,
That slick and tricky bodkin!

@welshpixie were you looking for it when you found it?

if not, that explains how you found it :D

/me looks at her sewing wax who has graciously reappeared just before I started sewing linen :)

@wlonk hey I keep my bodkins fully sheathed, no bare bodkins in this household 😂😂

@wlonk 😁

This reminded me of when we went to see some weird goth production of Hamlet as a school trip and our English teacher fell asleep and was snoring behind me

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