I put a 'couch to 5k' app on my phone and did the first one on the treadmill. It was fine! Which is probably a good sign. :) I mean I feel like I had a workout but I didn't feel like I was really struggling at all through it.

@welshpixie How do you find having a treadmill? I love to walk, but I have to drive out to get to safe places to walk or run, which is time consuming and expensive and means I don't get as much exercise as I want

Do you like it? I sort of imagine being able to put a podcast or something on and "run" for an hour to keep fit


@ak I like it! Got it second hand, it was a good deal. A friend I used to go hiking with died last year and I have no other friends in the area, and it's very unsafe to go walking alone here. So I mostly use the treadmill for walking, and I read a book on my phone while I'm doing it :D

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@welshpixie It's similar here! It's not safe for a woman, especially a queer or trans woman, on her own. (It's not very safe for men, either, it's just generally a stabby sort of area.)

I love driving out for walks but it takes a full day to get somewhere nice, do 9-10 miles and come home again, and sometimes I don't have a full day and would like to just do an hour's exercise 💚

@ak Yeah for sure. And it's handy for just grabbing 20 minutes here and there through the day - especially if you have a schedule that's not constant ^.^

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