When you're a fast touch typist and you launch the typing train but your fingers are misaligned on the keyboard and you invent a new language

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@sohkamyung @welshpixie I should have guessed someone else was going to make the same joke. I should be less predictable.

@loke @sohkamyung Oh, didn't see the first reply because the instance is silenced from us XD

@welshpixie I once discovered (by accident) that search engines seem to somehow pick up on this:

for example with the right hand 1 key to the left, 'mountain' becomes 'niybtaub' which yields maintain-related results

It's not a simple Levenshtein-like fuzzy matching either: when I *fix* the last letter, so 'niybtaun', DDG gives no meaningful results anymore...

@raboof Also funny in comparison to my phone where if I type the first letter of a word incorrectly but all other letters correct, it has no idea

@welshpixie @raboof A lot of the keyboards with better prediction also gather data on common mistypings, ostensibly to improve the predictions. It would be unreasonable to assume that nobody had the idea of selling this data to search engines yet.

this happens with my deeper mind now in that my fingers will spell things directly of which my shallow mind is unaware

like "plotrics" instead of politics (where did "i" go?)

often, less clear and (much) more personal (unintelligible outside of my mind)

i blame p.iman and meditation (but it's really just me)

(also occasinally (see- should be "occasionally") reminiscent of welsh (only superficially))


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