"I need a spell to make my boss notice me," the customer twitched, looking around the store, over the counter, anywhere but at her. "I work hard, need a raise. I'm broke. I'm told you take favours?"

"I do," She curled a wicked smile.

"I guess I have no choice. What'll it be?"

"Do my grocery shopping for me? I just haven't had time this week."

"Oh," he relaxed a little. "Oh. Is that all?"

"Pick up a parcel for me too and I'll throw in a free luck charm."

@welshpixie This is so lovely!

Also legit me if I could grant wishes though. XD 'I've actually been out of bread for days, would you mind picking some up for me?'

@vicorva And it's the kind of stuff that might be easy for someone else to do, but if you're a witch with social anxiety it's the stuff you dread :D


The good that you do will come back three-fold. So the deal is *three* grocery trips. I don't make the rede!

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