From the 'Arcane Bullshit' bookface page 馃槀

Web 6 74 85

@inmysocks Vincenzo will annihilate you with their crippling takedowns!

@welshpixie Jaws is actually a Lovecraft adaptation, except in the original, all appearances, description, and outright use of the word "shark" are inserted in place of open racism

It was quite revolutionary at the time for not being shit


Wet Mars were awesome in an incomprehensible sort of way when I saw them open for Shudder to Think in '08.

@suetanvil Their page is one of the small joys Bookface brings. They post a lot of content like this and it's always silly and whimsical.

@welshpixie I came for the madness squid and stayed for "WET MARS"

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